6-Week Portfolio & Skills Power-Up,
Let's Ignite our Creative Impact!

How we move forward:

Step 1 - Our Miro Board

This is where you will find the brief, research, trend analysis, and also our board where we share our progress, and we see the whole team progressing. Take a look, and put your name in one of the free spot, everyone has a seat!

Step 2 - The CAD Files

The file that we'll be working on! This file contains real-world components that we need to consider in order to make your concept as realistic as possible. With some quality coaching, modeling, and renderings, we'll be able to create something that is both highly creative and professionally made.

Step 3 - The Meetups (classes) & Schedules

Here are all your classes, teachers, and schedules. Please note that some schedules have been adjusted, so please check the times carefully. If you miss a class, don't worry! Recordings will be made available soon after each class.

Book Private Classes

If you wish to consolidate some skills and need to meet with one teacher in particular, you can book it from here.

Members Special Extra Discounts

Because you are part of the ACDY and if you've been considering gaining access to some of the other leManoosh Masterclasses outside the ACDY, then please use this link. It will give you access to the lowest prices available on leManoosh - 75% discount - Available only to the Members.