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We Are Here to Serve the Patient
We believe in a world where patient care is no longer pre-determined by the limitations of current tools. We create platforms that enhance physician capabilities, evolve minimally invasive techniques, and create new categories of care that redefine optimal patient outcomes.

This is our mission.

This Is the One that Matters
Over the past 50 years, the introduction of new technologies has ushered in the era of minimally invasive techniques and procedures. Despite accessing the body in less invasive ways, all too often physicians are required to sacrifice healthy tissue, perform multiple interventions, and endure numerous tradeoffs while diagnosing and treating disease.

With the Monarch Platform, Auris will empower physicians with precision and consistency of care across medical intervention. The Monarch Platform improves upon existing minimally invasive techniques by integrating robotics, micro-instrumentation, endoscope design, sensing, and data science into one platform to enable new categories of care. Every element of our technology is driven by patient-centric design aimed at maintaining the integrity of the human body.

Auris Health is led by Dr. Frederic Moll, a physician and visionary entrepreneur with an unrelenting passion and drive for improving patient outcomes. Dr. Moll pioneered the field of surgical robotics starting his first robotics company in 1995. Under Dr. Moll’s leadership, Auris is committed to tackling some of the biggest problems in healthcare. We are developing solutions for a multitude of disease states where the standard treatments may be inconsistent and sub-optimal.

Lung cancer is the first disease in our sight. More patients die every year from lung cancer than from prostate, breast and colon cancer combined. Lung cancer is so deadly because it is usually diagnosed late and treatment can be ineffective. Auris designed the Monarch Platform to allow physicians to accurately access small and hard-to-reach lung nodules early, for diagnosing and targeting treatment.

At Auris, the future of medical intervention has arrived.