Katapult Design

Studios, Byron Bay, Australia

Katapult Design is a sustainable product design and development consultancy with studios in Byron Bay, Melbourne & Sydney Australia. We have a team of talented, passionate industrial designers, product engineers and design related specialists.

With over 30 years experience developing products in a huge range of categories for global leaders, local icons and even underground start-ups, our team have been integral to projects that have been awarded with multiple Australian and International design awards, creating industry hype and increasing revenue for clients.

Our human centred solutions are designed with people in mind so our goal is always simple, elegant designs that make a difference, with minimal effect on the environment.

We closely track technology, business and social developments throughout the world to ensure that we can provide our clients with the latest design thinking.

We believe that design solutions should be elegant in resolution, innovative in function and compelling in appearance. We have strong opinions but a sympathetic ear, we have years of experience, but we are always learning. We observe without prejudice, yet challenge everything we see.

We love design.

The Katapult Team.