Manufacturers / Mockup vendors, Most Pri Bratislave, Slovakia

For 10 years, FORMLAB specializes in high-quality prototyping, innovative production, short-run manufacturing, and R&D. From full-size mockups and prototypes to small scale models. Located in central Europe, our prototyping studio is one of the best equipped with a wide variety of modern technologies and processes, all in-house.

→ CNC milling 3-axis, 5-axis
→ Robotic large scale milling with 7m rail
→ 3D printing SLA, DLP, FDM
→ Resin casting - Vacuum / Pressure / Rotocasting
→ Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming
→ CNC Wire Cutting, Foamworks
→ Woodworking and Metalworks
→ Laser cutting and engraving
→ Fiberglass and composites lamination
→ Surface finishing area
→ 3D scanning
→ PCB design and electronics prototyping