Studios, Seattle, United States

Full-force multi-disciplinary product development, industrial design, user experience and systems engineering firm located in Seattle, Washington.


Pensar believes close collaboration between groups results in better products and experiences. Whether you're a small medical start-up or a top consumer brand, we'll work closely with your team to drive inspired products to market.

Pensar is a multi-disciplinary design firm that creates compelling, user-focused products. Our team of 80+ consists of Industrial Designers, User Experience Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Software + Firmware Engineers. We also have expertise in Optics and Machine Learning.

Our design philosophy is both user and business focused:

+ Create meaningful products by understanding the needs, wants, and desires of people. Watch and listen to consumers and draw inspiration to create compelling and intuitive experiences.

+ Understand the dynamics of business. Develop ideas that build a strategic competitive advantage and contribute to long-term success.