Dolmen Design and Innovation

Studios, Dublin, Ireland

We are a product design + R&D partner. We help businesses transform their innovation pipeline by creating award winning and IP rich products.

We deliver true innovation across numerous industries: Medical, Consumer, Professional. We are a unique mix of Creative+Technical and we work best at the junction of R&D and marketing, accelerating products to market with deep technical knowledge and user insights.

We have over 28 years experience working with multinationals, SMEs, entrepreneurs and research groups. Clients include: Diageo, Teleflex, Analog Devices, Hollister Inc, Moocall, ABB, BD, Boston Scientific, Klas Telecom, Stryker, Panbiora (H2020 project), Merlyn Showering, Clevamama.

We make ideas work.

But what is it like to work here?

We are a team where design is at the core of who we are, not just the job that we do.

Passionate about excellence and driven by the diversity of experience and global exposure to different clients at different stages of the development process. You would never say that working here is boring.

We have just completed our new 2022 strategy which has a significant focus on the development of our team. We are not a multinational company, we are a small dynamic agency with significant growth in our sights.

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