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Project 100

A 50.000€ Prize Design Challenge

A design challenge looking for refreshing and innovative mobility solutions and experiences for tomorrow’s world of cleaner, quieter, connected transport.

Project 100 is a competition that aims to entice students to creatively think about new future mobility experiences. Through this project, we will share with you our vision of mobility through our thinking and design perspectives and principles. We will be providing a framework for vehicle platforms. It will be your challenge to build on that discourse and propose your innovative experience-led concepts for mobility products.

You will be competing for a share of 50,000€ in awards, judged by industry-leading experts.

25,000€ for Best Overall Product, plus awards for:

– Best Overall Product Proposition
– Best New User Experience
– Best Sustainability Ideas
– Best New Materials Use
– Best New technology Use
– Best Advanced Design Ideation
– Best Research
– Best Communication
– Best Use of New Design Tools

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