Design Researcher at OPPO

The Opportunity

Here you can come into contact with the cutting-edge design information, cooperate with top R&D team, and have room for diversified growth. Join us now, and you will be able to create next-generation fashionable choicest products with our elite team in Central London!

Please contact Juju via Send us your CV + Portfolio and we will contact you if there may be suitable opportunities.


Your Responsibilities Will Include:

• Based on the aesthetic trends in the European market and those of young Europeans, plan and conduct corresponding user study work to support product development and optimisation.

• Be responsible for requirement communication of the specified project, analysing and designing research problems, designing research schemes, conducting investigation and research, conducting comprehensive analysis, outputting research results, and effectively promoting implementation of the research results.

• Output special research reports on global aesthetics and aesthetic tendency of young people.

You will need:

• Majors related to industrial design, man-machine engineering, social sciences, and psychology, and master’s degree or above.

• 3 years' or above working experience on user study, and experience in independently leading large-scale comprehensive research project is preferred.

• Proficiency in design research methods and related tools, and experience in big data analysis is preferred.

• Have a strong interest in mobile Internet products, understand user-centred experience design, and have passion on the user study work.

• Have keen insight and rigorous logic thinking, make bold assumptions and careful verification.

• Be proactive, and have excellent teamwork skills.


London, UK

Email subject: "leManoosh - Design Researcher"