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HUAWEI (London Design Centre) - Senior Industrial Designer at HUAWEI (London Design Centre)

The Opportunity

About London Design Centre (LDC):
LDC is Huawei’s European design centre based in London targeting global needs. It belongs to Huawei Device Company and is managed by Huawei CXD Centre. Its mission includes the following:
• to utilize its outstanding design competence in creating world-class solutions to meet the company’s design needs, with a main focus on terminal devices, especially smart phone products.
• to capture emerging global trends and consumer needs, incorporate the observations and analysis into design, and provide important input to the formation of our future strategy.
• to maintain close customer relationships and networks and understand their urgent needs. Step by step, Huawei strives to strengthen its own Brand influence while prioritizing the voices of our customers. This mandates LDC working closely with local marketing and customers, to secure Huawei’s offerings and fulfil their needs.
• to build a truly international design competence centre and a powerful creative engine with diversified talent from multi-cultural backgrounds.

Devices and handsets

Job Description:
We are looking for an excellent Senior Designer for LDC, with the following responsibilities:
• have an efficient way-of-working with energetic and cooperative team spirit.
• lead important design projects to complete the mission as above, where the most important task is to constantly produce great product designs with clear consistency.
• generate high quality designs which can be globally accepted by operators and consumers, especially in Europe and China.

Essential Contributions:
• Team leadership
• Project ideation
• Design direction
• Overall design process coordination
• Design advocacy ( to customers )
• Design strategy

• Successful track-record in design / design management in major handsets/ consumer electronics manufacture, e.g. Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Philips or top-tier telecom operators.
• Over 6 years of industrial design and/or design management experience in consumer electronics, mobile phones, or other consumer products industry.
• Excellent design portfolio with successful design cases for the mass market.
• Deep understanding of product research and development process.
• Excellent communication skills both internally and externally.
• Familiar with the corporate culture of a large-scale organization.
• Worldwide top-class design education background.

Please submit resume and portfolio in PDF format.


London, UK

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