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The Opportunity

    As the bodyguard of mobile phone, the first thing to think about when designing a cell phone is its protection and user experience. The second is the appearance of a simple atmosphere. The "burst" in the boss's mouth is not enough to meet most of the above conditions.

    The main body of this mobile phone shell is made of fine grit TPU material to give the user a better feeling of hand. I prefer to use TPU softer materials because I always worry that the hard shell will scratch the phone! A piece of glass is placed on the lens as an embellishment, and the side texture echoes with the characteristics of glass modeling, so that the product has certain individuality and recognition on the basis of simplicity. Color matching on the selection of a more fresh color, feel that the girls would like a little more.

The product is very simple, the map is also very hasty, I hope to get more correction!



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