Alias Modeller at KISKA

The Opportunity

“As a CAD modeller who is passionate about motorcycles, it is the best feeling to create a 1:1 scale model from a sketch and to get the first look at a motorcycle concept in 3D.” Clara, modeller

Modellers who are passionate about creation, in addition to 3D realisation, are the ideal fit for our Alias pre-development team. Working for global brands on a wide range of projects, including motorcycles, 4-wheel vehicles, boats and consumer goods, each day brings a new challenge. In this role, not only will you work on CAD designs guided by a designer, but you will also have the chance to bring your own ideas to the table and contribute to final design outcomes.

Since the focus is on pre-development you will:

  • Support and consult a lot with your design colleagues to find the right shape for a product.
  • Focus at least 50% of your time on motorcycles and spend the other 50% working on a variety of two- and four-wheel vehicles, as well as consumer products.
  • Merge uncertain technical input with designs that are not finalised to create concepts that work technically and visually.

To make your mark on products people will love, you’ll need:

  • A background in design and a very highly developed skillset in Autodesk Alias.
  • Three or more years of experience in the field of automotive or product design or modelling.
  • To understand how to improvise design solutions on the spot and tackle a problem from different angles.
  • To be fluent in English.
  • An understanding of technical requirements and how to balance them with design needs.


Salzburg, Austria

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