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Loop Earplugs

The Opportunity

We redefine what an earplug should sound, look and feel like. Whether it’s hearing protection or comfort for your ears, Loop enables you to live life at your volume. Our founders Maarten and Dimitri started Loop back with a big idea. And a chronic ringing in their ears. Since then, we’ve helped more than 1,000,000 customers around the world to find quiet, enjoy great experiences and keep unwanted noises at bay. Our team has grown to nearing 100+ staff and counting, with our Headquarters is based in Antwerp, with many employees dotted across Europe and the world. 

We’re looking for someone who can:

Get stuff done

And by ‘stuff’ we mean that one huge jaw-dropping product development project we can’t reveal just yet. Or the multiple smaller incremental ones we have coming up. Curious? Great, just the quality we’re looking for in a product developer. Either way, the development of it is yours to plan, manage and fully own. From conceptualization and prototyping  down to user testing  and finetuning the design. Your itch to organize things? Here’s where you get to scratch it.

Play the team card

Your negotiating and motivating skills, are they any good? Yes? Great, because you’re not just working with our own designers and engineers. You also follow up on the external acoustic engineers and suppliers involved. In short: you plug in the right people at the right time. No need to show you the ropes though, you have an eye for detail and a knack for understanding what needs to be done. You have the experience, and you’re not afraid to use it. Oh, and if you do need a second pair of eyes, just touch base with Robrecht, our Product Development Manager, or Sander your team lead.

Speaking of teams. You won’t be doing this alone. Far from. We want to double the development team in the next three months. From nine to twenty Loopers. Yes, we’re ambitious. But you are too, right?


Only three of them? Yes. Nice surprise, isn’t it? They’re not up for discussion though. Must-have material.

  • You know how to get your ideas across. You’re fluent in English, both written and spoken.
  • You’re pretty awesome in general. A sense of humor? Even better.
  • You’re in our Antwerp office on a regular basis, but otherwise you’re free to work wherever. Why? You need to work with a lot of other Loopers on a hardware product. And that’s just easier in person.

Why join us? 

  • We’re Belgium’s fastest-growing technology company (according to Deloitte - awarded October 2022), and we want you to grow and improve alongside us.
  • Our culture? We’re all about enabling growth by giving our team full autonomy to manage their own projects, be a thought leader, and truly make an impact on the company. 
  • We take care of our people. So, we pay them what they’re worth. Expect a competitive pay in the top 20% of the market rate for your level of experience and potential.
  • Also: Senegal. The location of our last team building… just saying. Previous years spent in Iceland & Malta.
  • Flexibility: For us, hybrid and flexible working is all about trust. And we trust you to get on with your job, so there’ll be no micromanaging or peeking over your shoulder from us.
  • Benefits: Our benefits are all aimed towards looking after your health, and enabling you to live life to the fullest. So everything from health insurance and pension savings to lunch vouchers, cruising credits and the latest tools is covered.


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