Senior User Experience Designer at VanBerlo

The Opportunity

We are expanding our team in Eindhoven and so are looking for:
A Senior User Experience Designer who wants to redefine the world
We want a senior UXer who longs to make their mark, make life easier. Someone who can take products and brands and connect customer journeys to them. A total package that makes people happy. Sure, we expect this person to show off a wide range of experience, skills, tools and techniques. But more importantly, we need someone that looks for the creative solutions to a variety of projects, and inspires their colleagues to dig deep and bring out their best.

We’re looking for someone who wants to work together with us to improve and redefine how products and services are used. A UX talent who designs the channels of our clients so completely, they contribute to the perception of any product, service or brand that rolls out of our studio.

Is that you?
It goes without saying that you ask a lot of yourself, just like your 90+ colleagues. You simply refuse to settle for the standard, and are always on the lookout for better solutions. It is not without propose that you click away slow sites, bite your nails when faced with illogical interfaces and almost pull out your hair when devices don’t do what you want them to do. If you’re convinced that there are endless opportunities to perfect the customer journey, we’re interested in you!

Long story short: if we had to put you in a category, you’re an experienced UXer with at least five years of work experience…or you’re just super talented. You sketch and make outlines, but don’t hold yourself to them. Your goal is to make the digital lives of consumers, and your own digital life, easier and you know just how to accomplish it. Moreover, you’re just a really pleasant person.

Enough boxes ticked? Send us your motivation and digital portfolio to our HR officer Doortje van der Laan: [email protected] . You can also get in touch with Doortje if you have any burning questions regarding this position.


Eindhoven, Netherlands

Please mention leManoosh

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