Sportswear Designer at KISKA

The Opportunity

“I am passionate about sportswear design. Coming to work with a smile and having all of these creative minds around me is something everyone should experience.”
Anna, Senior Designer

Style permeates life and sportswear must look as good as it works. By skilfully balancing looks and function, garments you design will deliver on-brand experiences to wearers.
Taking part in the entire design process, you will:

•    Create on-brand apparel collections by combining your design background and passion for sports.
•    Develop concepts and new cuts. Create production data.
•    Work with suppliers to build garment prototypes.
•    Present finished products. Internally and externally to the client.

To make the cut, you need:

•    At least two years of professional experience. During which you developed in terms of skill, knowledge and style.
•    Experience developing functional sports gear. A passion for action and outdoor sports.
•    An open mind and willingness to work across creative fields to challenge status-quo ideas.
•    English fluency. German skills are an asset.


Salzburg, Austria

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How to become

a creative sketcher and sell your ideas.

Tired of unattractive sketches and your ideas are not selected?

- If you don’t know how to use your markers,

- If you don’t know how to draw nice shapes and beautiful details

- If you don’t feel creative 


Hi, this is Alex and here is an exercise and few tips that might help you.

I’ll do my best to collect and transmit the techniques that made me grow

as a designer over my last 10 years of experience.