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leManoosh “Google Hangouts Enabler” – COMING SOON!

Hi Manooshers of summer,

For those who, like us… were impatient to see some developments on the side of our Google Hangouts concept, then here is… Half a rendering!! Ha! Yes, this may not fully satisfy the curiosity of the Google fans but it’s already a good preview of what’s happening behind the scene (and it’s not really for Google anyway…).

The Google Hangouts Enabler. By leManoosh Decoded.

leManoosh design Google Hangouts concept

The final round of renderings is coming soon (but we don’t know when… BUSY would be a good description of our last 6 months here in London. The world cup is also on and both France and England are still in the game (maybe not for long) so we’re supporting…

If you haven’t seen the part 1 yet (sketching + Insights on the design), you can have a look at it here:

Video of Part 1: GOOGLE US! Design Concept – Part 1/3

Next to come are the renderings (part 2) and the prototype made by my old (and favorite) mockup vendor in Taiwan – UNITRON (I worked in Taiwan for 3 years back in the days…), so this will be Part 3… coming soon!

Thank you guys for the support


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A big thank you for the enthusiasm and the positive feedback I have received about the course from those who have already registered and making progress toward being creative sketchers, better designers and learn how to sell their ideas. This is a new preview of what you will find in the course (Module 1 - Sketching) /// Click here to see more about the course.

GOOGLE US! Design Concept – Part 1/3

Let’s have some fun and bring design in this section rather than focusing only on the sketching side. For this, I have decided to design a product, which one? A conference call (speaker) for one of my favorite brand: Google