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The 5 Phases To Unlock Your Career With Analogue Sketches

World-class sketcher Reid Schelgel
explains the unexpected steps to reach better jobs and better projects.

Tuesday June 1st 2021 – 5PM
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Have you honestly been impressed by what you delivered in your last project?

Can you look at your last work and honestly say that you are impressed by it?

It’s become obvious that with the added competition of online and international designers entering the industry each year, keeping your skills as usual (natural growth) is not enough to ensure you an exciting job.

The truth is that if you honestly haven’t been impressed by what you gave to your last project in terms of your skills, personal investment, or how you helped facilitate your team work. Your portfolio already reflects it.

Can you genuinely look at your last project and say that it enables your portfolio to compete with international quality? to get the job you want?

Join us to learn how you can get started with improving your sketching quality, even if you have 0 skills right now. Better know about it, than none.

A Note From Reid

My name is Reid Schlegel and I am an industrial design director and artist based in NYC. Back in the day I studied industrial design at Virginia Tech, where I learned how much I love giving intangible ideas life through sketching. Since University I have grown this skill at NYC’s top design firms including SMART Design, frog and Aruliden.

I currently teach my sketching and design skills to the industrial design students at the Parsons School of Design and would love to impart this knowledge to you as well. In this course I will teach you how to improve your sketching basics in order to sketch more efficiently and achieve higher fidelity marker rendering results. Enjoy!


In this masterclass, you will learn:

1. The main skills that matter for a company

Not every skill matter for a company and if you need to put your energy into one, you’ll need to pick the right one.

2. Why you don’t need to be world-class for unlocking world class jobs

You don’t arrive at the top right away, you need to go step by step

Most importantly, you need a teacher who can break it all down step-by-step into digestible lessons that help you progress from simple all the way to complex renderings.

3. The only way to be consistent with your learning process

Reid’s simple process to progress The more information you have about how to sketch, the more you can do if from your imagination.

Start enjoying using your pens and markers
Get fully involved / be in the moment

This Class Is A Must If You: