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Good dudes do doodles!6144 views

Hi Manooshies! In this video, I show you the quick and easy way to create doodles....the RIGHT way! A method that you can use to develop your style when you need to sketch and expl...

Soft Electronics / A trend you can’t miss.8638 views

Today, I want to show you a trend which you should not miss and that you have probably seen many times already on the blog. I called it #Soft Electronics - which is: the implementa...

How to Sketch Glossy, Matte, & Screens.3451 views

In this video, I show you how to sketch a screen and the difference between a glossy and a matte surface. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel to see more and become a...

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"We design products and brands that empower our clients to create an exceptional customer experience. Over the last 7 years, we’ve created products and brands for more than 70 clients in more than 200 projects that make people feel WOW." Entwurfreich - Düsseldorf, Germany

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