"Become a Creative Sketcher & Sell Your Ideas” - Registrations are now open! SHOW ME THE COURSE!!

Design & Sketching course - Registrations are now open!

THANK YOU to all you guys who joined the webinar yesterday, it was amazing!! We are already over 50 designers who have joined the course and I keep receiving questions about it. The registration for the course is now open but for a LIMITED TIME / 1 WEEK ONLY. So if you feel like you don't know how to sketch well, be creative or sell your ideas, this course will bring you the support you need.

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5 Steps of Sketching Live Webinar!

Thank you for all your patience and as images speak louder than words, I just published this video to show you the trailer of my new course:  "How To Become A Creative Sketcher And Sell Your Ideas".  My 12 years of experience as a senior designer, packed it into one place, one course, You're ready? Join the guest-list in the banner. >>> SEE MORE VIDEOS OF THE COURSE HERE

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We have done postings before on (other websites). What we like about leManoosh is the quality of applicants. I think it was the most successful post we have done. Chris Harsacky - HUGE DESIGN
(San Francisco, USA)
This is a great resource to reach design talent. Really impressed with the quality of applications we received. Ben Schwarz - MANTA SLEEP
(Taipei, Taiwan)
We received accurate profiles related to the job post: it's a real gain in efficiency and speed Etienne Redouin - DECATHLON
(Lille, France)
We have received a wave of applicants at the moment we posted a job on leManoosh. Very impressed with the quality and the quantity of ID talent we’ve received Javier Riel Rosales - DESIGN2GATHER
(Shanghai, China)
We received hundreds of applications from talented designers all over the world. Very happy with the response and quality of applicants James Melia - BLOND
(London, UK)
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