New Video! Good Dudes Do Doodles

Finally uploaded new tips on how to do quick sketches so that gives you more time to focus on your ideas (rather than focusing on your sketches…). Check it out below or on Youtube - Also feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can see see the next ones.


More leManoosh in your leManoosh. I finally started the leManoosh page on Instagram a few months ago. All welcome, let's leManoosh Instagram!

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SKETCHING – the London Workshop

Many have asked me to create a proper workshop where I can help directly on your sketches and designs... So let me invite a limited amount of people into the leManoosh office in East London.

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We have done postings before on (other websites). What we like about leManoosh is the quality of applicants. I think it was the most successful post we have done. Chris Harsacky - HUGE DESIGN
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This is a great resource to reach design talent. Really impressed with the quality of applications we received. Ben Schwarz - MANTA SLEEP
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We received accurate profiles related to the job post: it's a real gain in efficiency and speed Etienne Redouin - DECATHLON
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We have received a wave of applicants at the moment we posted a job on leManoosh. Very impressed with the quality and the quantity of ID talent we’ve received Javier Riel Rosales - DESIGN2GATHER
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We received hundreds of applications from talented designers all over the world. Very happy with the response and quality of applicants James Melia - BLOND
(London, UK)
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Tired of unattractive sketches

and your ideas are not selected?



Hi, this is Alex and here are a few tips that might help you.

In these videos, I help you by showing you some of the techniques that made me grow as a designer over my last 10 years of experience.




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