Autodesk Alias - Subdivision For Car Designers

Alias from zero to production, quicker.

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Autodesk Alias - Subdivision For Car Designers

Alias from zero to production, quicker.

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From a sketch to a fully detailed car, keeping all advantages of Alias.

Car Design Online Course - Alias Autodesk
Car Design Online Course - Alias Autodesk
Car Design Online Course - Alias Autodesk

Full assistance and lifetime support.

Car Design Online Course - Alias Autodesk

Tips and tricks to ensure smooth surface transitions and high quality reflections.

Car Design Online Course - Alias Autodesk

Yes, I Want to Learn Alias & Take my Subdivision Modeling to the Next Level!


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Hello, I'm Moh!

When I entered University as a mechanical engineering student, I found myself not very interested in this Major. During one of the public courses, I fell in love with the Automotive Digital Modeling field.

I participated in related courses and gained experience as a digital car designer. Using Alias to transform 2D sketches into 3D models was so fun for me ! 

I published several automotive articles and was freelancing as a A-Class modeller when I started teaching students at nights…. my parents thought I was gaming! Many years have passed, and I’m the most excited to partner with leManoosh to expend this knowledge to other car designers around the world !

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a complete Alias 3D course  (Alias being the most professional software used in automotive industry). 

The course is focused on subdivision modeling, which is the quickest way to explore concepts, forms, while keeping all advantages of Alias (Nurbs and surface quality).

The course also shows you the basics of the Alias UI (external links) and subdivision tools and will show you exactly how to develop the skills and processes to become proficient in making 3D models for your projects (from 0 to a complete detailed model).

The package includes all of our courses, Nurbs, Sketch to Nurbs and Subd.

The core course contains about 30 step-by-step videos of applicable lessons that will allow you to complete a completely detailed car from photos to fully modeled. This course can be done in a week and will bring you enough to be proficient.

Sub-D (subdivision) is different from polygons.

Subdivisions are extremely quick and better than polygons because they are easier to create, handle and modify, so you can design your own forms and concepts with more ease. Also, they still allow the model to be converted (in just one click) into Nurbs. 

Making it usable for mock-ups and engineers when going into production.


The course is suitable for anyone, whether you are a student or far in your design career.

If you’re a beginner, this course will cover the basics, from the interface, tools, creating simple and complex geometry but also more advanced, techniques such as making intricate details, modeling to a specific scale and producing files with real world applications

If you’re already more experienced, this tutorial is very accurate and will show you all the tips and tricks to resolve complex modeling details.

The entirety of the course is online , on the private section of the leManoosh website. You will find all modules and videos there, accessible anywhere, anytime! All you need is an internet connection 🙂 It also works on tablets and phones.

Full assistance is included in this course by email. Although the tutorials are all fully explained, we are ready to help you anytime and bring you feedback on your progress. Your models will be reviewed by Moh, our expert, Alias teacher and experienced modeler at Audi Design Center in Munich, Germany.

You can use Autodesk Alias Auto Studio or Autodesk Alias Surface (Version 2020 and after).

If you do not have it yet, don’t worry, there is a FREE 30 days trial offered by Autodesk, I’ll show you where to find it in the course, so no worries, all you need is there. 🙂

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Car Design Online Course - Alias Autodesk




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