We jump into your big projects and help you refine the small bits


We design and apply carefully considered textures directly onto your products and CAD files

  • 3D/CAD surface modelling
  • Texture look and feel definition
  • Functional and emotional texture exploration
  • Ergonomic analysis (grip analysis)
  • Renders and visualisation

Color, Material & Finish (CMF)

We strengthen your brand via Color, Material and Finish (CMF)

  • Benchmarking and product range analysis
  • User needs and brand profile definition
  • Visual mapping, mood boards and CMF personas
  • Develop CMF concept and product range line up
  • Technical specifications for manufacturing
  • Sampling and material supplier sourcing

Trend Analysis

We decode design and CMF trends that are accurate, clear and easy to use for your designers

  • Specific market trend report (Transportation, consumer electronics, etc…)
  • Specific topic trend report (pattern, textures, colour etc)
  • Cross learning industry
  • Analyse and advice your current brand and product range
  • Renders and visualisation
  • Trend briefing and workshops
  • Conferences and seminars

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