Autodesk Alias – Subdivision For Car Designers0 views

Create a complete and detailed car model using Alias Autodesk Subdivision. The quickest way to explore concepts and forms, while keeping all advantages of Alias. This course will aim to make you independent so you can create all types of detailed 3D models for your own concepts and projects.

Blender for Designers, Coming Soon!0 views

Blender For Designers, Coming Soon! This early October is also coming a new member of our Essentials series. The most complete Blender course for Designers. Join the waiting list to learn more about it, receive some extra free files and benefit from discounts when it opens. Join The fun !

The Keyshot Course (+ Contest) Coming Soon!0 views

Two of our most important events are about to come this month. We will launch our very first leManoosh "Design & Render Contest" and open our long-awaited Keyshot course in partnership with our favourite English person: Sam Does Design! Join the waiting list below to learn more about it, receive the files and our design tips to progress through the contest when it opens.


Master Markers! The first ever gameplay type of online sketching course. Progressing from simple geometries to complex and organic forms, Reid Schlegel's masterclass brings the designer along a combination of short missions, deep dives and more complex challenges where we face all types of sketching situations little by little.

Car Design 101 The All-In-One Sketching Course0 views

The step-by-step course to understand car design and learn everything you need to know to sketch like a professional designer. It contains over 2 hours video description and practising, and over 40 practice files for you to print and exercise. At the end you will be confident to sketch cars on a blank sheet of paper and share your own ideas.

Master Markers! Closing today.0 views

Master Markers! is the first gameplay type of online sketching course. A complete masterclass by Reid Schlegel, entirely in videos which contain all his knowledge from 5 years of teaching students at Parsons Design School. This course is A GAME that brings the designer along a combination of short missions, deep dives and more complex challenges where we face all types of sketching situations little by little (texture, realism, shadows, highlights, line weight, etc…), progressing from simple geometries to complex and organic forms. In fact, it doesn't stop there, as along the way the level of complexity evolves slowly between the missions and challenges, so as we progress, we repeat things over and over in multiple situations and build more things on top as you go through the videos.

2 Weeks To Double Your Skills0 views

You can spend 10 years doing all possible mistakes and learn from it, or you can learn from everybody else’s mistakes… in 2 weeks. If you don’t have time to check out some full in-depth courses, but you want something that you can implement TODAY, the starter pack is a course packed with real pro-tips, no theories. You sit down, absorb and apply the next day.

Master Photorealistic Renderings & Post-Production0 views

Architecture Interior & Exterior / Night & Day using 3ds Max + V-Ray + Photoshop. A complete walk-through, so you can set the scene for any products, furniture, interior layouts, or movie scenes you want to visualize… in a professional way.

Digital Sketching For Tablets & iPads0 views

From the basics of sketching to finished digital renderings. When you start sketching digitally, you are learning how to draw again (or for the first time!) with different tools. This course will introduce you to the basics of digital sketching and guide you through the process of completing a product design sketch and render with an entirely digital workflow.

The Essentials of Rhino 3D For Industrial Designers0 views

Master the tools which are constantly used in the industry in order to freely create your ideas and improve your rendering quality. Cleaner surfaces, better highlights and a bit of knowledge about production, this course will also teach you how you can save time and be efficient by learning a workflow which is specific to industrial design allowing you to finish on time, without the stress, and with a higher quality.