Grasshopper Structural Mastery0 views

From zero, to being able to morph any structure, to being production-ready: The new Grasshopper Masterclass is now enrolling! Nolan and I are super happy to welcome every new student in this new Masterclass. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this masterclass will equip you with the fundamental building blocks needed and gradually evolve to complex geometries and awe-inspiring organic forms, gaining full control and ease to morph and adapt to every volume, shape or size. Join the course today and benefit from extra free Masterclasses and other bonuses.

The Essentials of Engineering for Industrial Design0 views

This course will strengthen your product design skills, help you to work with your wider design team and make products that will actually get made. We take apart a range of iconic products, examines closely how they are made, what they are made from and how this links back to style and function.

The Essentials of Blender for Car Designers0 views

Finally, the Blender 3D online course for car designers is here! Packed with all my professional car designer techniques, it is 9 hours that will help you bring your own ideas into 3D. From the use of Blender for the ideation process and using your own sketch to modelling and rendering a complete car from zero. This course will help you create your own design proposals fast, efficiently and with pro visuals.

The Blender Parametric Mastery0 views

The use of Blender in Industrial Design is growing every day. This Masterclass will allow you to push your projects further by achieving all fading patterns, complex ventilation holes, grids and advanced textures. Using typical Industrial design examples, these are 8 hours of courses that focus on unique advanced techniques for patterns, geometries and surfaces. A complete guide for parametric texturing: Learn it today, apply it in your projects tomorrow.

The Essentials of Photoshop for Industrial Designers0 views

Become an elite designer who concisely represents your ideas with the highest quality. This course brings you a step-by-step method based on three essential pillars: light, shadow and volume fundamentals, surface behavior, and a professional workflow used in companies such as Citroën or Peugeot. This combination will enable you to create Photoshop renderings with a quality never imagined before, and always under an hour. Be ready to develop digital rendering skills that you can be proud of.

The Keyshot Material Mastery0 views

3 Master Teachers, 3 Workflows, 8 hours of Performance Techniques. The registrations to our most advanced KeyShot program: "The KeyShot Material Mastery" are now open! An online course to develop advanced skills, experience subtle settings and fully understand the software, so that you can predict reactions and become natural with Keyshot.

ID Portfolio Academy0 views

Create your best ID portfolio to get the design job you want. The Portfolio Academy will help you build a world-class portfolio from zero to 100%. You will find professional guidance, understand how recruiters think, or even structure your projects with storytelling. We'll go in details by seeing how you can create convincing layouts, using the right fonts, placing pictures and graphic elements to create an impactful presentation.

The Essentials of Keyshot for Designers – By Sam Does Design0 views

Whether you are just starting, redoing your portfolio or working on a presentation, Sam details his entire rendering workflow, photography knowledge and all the theory behind creating impactful and beautiful imagery. A complete methodology to make an impact in your approach, projects, and career . Get ready to make a new step in your visual journey!Lots of bonuses, lifetime support and special offer ongoing this week!

Autodesk Alias – Subdivision For Car Designers0 views

Create a complete and detailed car model using Alias Autodesk Subdivision. The quickest way to explore concepts and forms, while keeping all advantages of Alias. This course will aim to make you independent so you can create all types of detailed 3D models for your own concepts and projects.

The Essentials Of Blender For Designers0 views

Because 3D modelling and rendering take more than just a few tools and materials, The Essentials Of Blender For Designers focuses on the professional Industrial Design use and everything which is useful tomorrow at our desks. The tools, workflows, techniques, speed, organization or simply learning from Odilon’s experience at Koenigsegg… not only allow us to create models at competitive speed, but also help us keep our heads clear.