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Berk Kaplan

A car designer in Ford, Italdesign

The Essentials of Blender for Car Designers

A complete guide that will help you create your own design proposals from the ground up, fast, efficiently and with pro visuals.


Digital Sculptor at Koenigsegg

The Blender Parametric Mastery

This Masterclass will allow you to push your projects further by achieving all fading patterns, complex ventilation holes, grids and advanced textures. 

Sam Does Design

In design consultancy LAYER

The Essentials of Keyshot for Designers

Beat Photography at its own game – The long-awaited Masterclass by Sam Does Design brings us everything about producing international quality images in Keyshot.

Jamie Cardo

Author, reviewer, computer artist

Master Photorealistic Renderings & Post-Production

A complete walk-through will show you how to set a scene for any products, furniture or interior architecture design, which you need to showcase professionally.

Leandro Trovati

Designer Honda and PSA studios

The Essentials Of Photoshop For Industrial Designers

The most complete Photoshop course to represent your ideas with the highest quality.

Bjorn, Clement & Gaultier

Keyshot Material MASTERY

3 Master Teachers, 3 Workflows, 8 hours of Performance Techniques. The registrations to our most advanced KeyShot program: “The KeyShot Material Mastery” are NOW OPEN! By taking this course you will be able to predict reactions and become natural with Keyshot

Paul Duterque

Design consumer electronics

The Essentials of Rhino 3D For Industrial Designers

Master the tools which are constantly used in the industry in order to freely create your ideas and improve your rendering quality.


Digital Sculptor at Koenigsegg

The Essentials Of Blender For Designers

Because 3D modelling and rendering take more than just a few tools and materials, The Essentials Of Blender For Designers focuses on the professional Industrial Design use and everything which is useful tomorrow at our desks.

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Hudson Rio

Industrial Designer in California

Digital Sketching For Tablets & iPads

This course will introduce you to the basics of digital sketching and guide you through the process of completing a product design sketch and render with an entirely digital workflow.

Berk Kaplan

A car designer in Ford, Italdesign

Car Design 101 – The All-in-One Sketching Course

The step-by-step course to understand car design and learn everything you need to know to sketch like a professional designer.

Alex Nys

Founder of leManoosh

Become A Creative Sketcher & Sell Your Ideas

Create concepts with form factors that can generate a wow effect, and develop a world-class creative process that allows you to open new doors.

Reid Schlegel

Industrial design director and artist


The first ever gameplay type of online sketching course. Progressing from simple geometries to complex and organic forms, Reid Schlegel’s masterclass brings the designer along a combination of short missions, deep dives and more complex challenges where we face all types of sketching situations little by little. 

Simon Kindler

ounder of boostfolio

ID Portfolio Academy

If you struggle to structure and present your work, the Portfolio Academy is a complete online course that will help you build a world-class portfolio from zero to 100%. You will find professional guidance, learn storytelling, and have a clear structure for your projects based on how recruiters think. 

Alex Nys

Founder of leManoosh

2 Weeks To Double Your Skills

In 2 weeks. If you don’t have time to check out some full in-depth courses but want something you can implement TODAY, the starter pack is a course packed with real pro tips, no theories.

Moh Sadra

Automotive Digital Modeling field

Autodesk Alias – Subdivision For Car Designers

Create a complete and detailed car model using Alias Autodesk Subdivision. The quickest way to explore concepts and forms, while keeping all advantages of Alias.

Berk Kaplan

A car designer in Ford, Italdesign

The Photoshop Methods For Car Designers

This is a step-by-step Photoshop car design sketching course to master the basics and / or all pro techniques and open the doors of world-class car design studios.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course is 9 hours total, split in 47 clear and organized episodes, and will take you from learning the interface and basic commands, to learning how to build a basic car in 3D, until learning how you can go from your own sketch to an accurate 3D, adding the environment + materials + HDR + using different render methods. 

This course is made for complete beginners, and after. So if you’re just getting started and haven’t even downloaded Blender yet, don’t worry! We’ll do all this in the first few episodes of the course.


If you want to see the basics of Blender from another angle, another approach, from another teacher, we’ve created a bundle with “The Essentials of Blender for Product Designers“, by Odilon. A great way to master your craft, as you can take the best of both worlds.

If you want to go further, you can also choose the bundle with the “Blender Parametric Mastery”. That’s our advanced Blender course (See checkouts below), which is a great addition to create flowing, fading and all kinds of parametric textures on your car surfaces, with more advanced techniques.

The entirety of the course is online , on the private section of the leManoosh website. You will find all modules and videos there, accessible anywhere, anytime! All you need is an internet connection 🙂 It also works on tablets and phones.

You have the possibility to leave a comment under each video and I reply to everyone, so feel free to ask! If you can’t resolve the issue, you can send me your file, and I’ll have a look at it and figure out what the issue is. You’re in good hands. 🙂

You will need a computer with internet to have access to the videos of the course.

Then we will need to download Blender (any version after 2.9) and install it on your computer – I give you the explanations of how to download it easily (and free) in the videos, so don’t worry about this. No extra plugins are required, every tool used are native in Blender. 

The course is suitable for any version of Blender after 2.9 (I’ll show you where to download and install it). The interface is exactly the same between Mac, Windows or Linux, so we’re good to go with any operating system.

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Payments are safe and secured via Stripe & PayPal

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