Be visible, get work.

The Directory


Since many years, we frequently receive messages from designers and freelancers who thank leManoosh after being published on the blog.

Being seen on leManoosh has helped them grow their businesses and visibility on the market. 



Amount of sessions / month


They were sharing some of these issues:

– Struggling to get new clients / projects.
– Not being visible on the market despite doing great work.
– Struggling to find and hire new people.
– Not ranking on Google due to having a poor SEO (Search Engine optimization).

Being trusted by the design industry and receiving an important quality audience (150.000 sessions / month). We became a reference in our field.


Today, we allow designers to share their work and offer their services to the community. Whether, you are a 3D specialist, a freelance renderer, an Alias modeler, a talented illustrator… leManoosh offers space for you to be in touch and seen.



What are the Benefits?

Be visible, Connect, Grow.


 Here are the benefits for the members:

  • Promote your work and develop your visibility
  • Grow your business / Connect and find new clients
  • Improve your website SEO (Google ranks higher companies who are linked by popular websites)  

Does it work?


 “It’s been a bit crazy since you posted my work on leManoosh, I’m feeling grateful for that”

Danny Ivan, 3D Imagery maker. Porto, Portugal.

“I’ve raised over 90k of projects this year since my work has been showed many times on leManoosh”

Freelance Industrial Designer. Warwick, UK.


“Hi Alex, I know it sounds crazy, but since my profile is on the directory, I received about 5 jobs offers that I’m actually interested in.”


Daniel Czyszczon, Freelance Industrial Designer. Cracow, Poland


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