We frequently receive messages from designers and companies, thanking us after being seen on leManoosh…

“I know it sounds crazy, but since my profile is on the directory, I received about 5 jobs offers that I’m actually interested in.”  Daniel Czyszczon – Freelance Industrial Designer – Cracow, Poland

“We received hundreds of applications from talented designers all over the world. Very happy with the response and quality of applicants”  James Melia – BLOND – London, UK

“Hi leManoosh Team, We have recently had a surge in traffic and sales to our website, after doing a bit of digging we found that it was down to being featured on your website – so thank you!” James Gordon – Ormous – London, UK

“We received a wave of applicants at the moment we posted a job on leManoosh. Very impressed with the quality and the quantity of ID talent we’ve received”  Javier Riel Rosales – DESIGN2GATHER – Shanghai, China

“It’s been crazy since you posted my work on leManoosh, I’m feeling grateful for that”  Danny Ivan – 3D Imagery maker – Porto, Portugal.

This visibility made their businesses grow.

They shared some of the issues faced:

  • Struggled to get new clients / projects.
  • Little visibility on the market despite doing great work.
  • Difficulty in finding and hiring new people.
  • Not ranking on Google due to a poor SEO (Search Engine optimization)

Today, we allow schools, designers and companies to:

  • Become a reference, and establish themselves internationally – A go-to School.
  • Develop school visibility worldwide
  • Promote students work
  • Attract talented students.
  • Improve website SEO
    (Google ranks websites higher that are linked to popular websites).

The Design Directory

Bring talented designers, students & become a design reference.

Why can we support you?

leManoosh is a reference for quality content, that is why talented students, companies and designers from California to London to Shanghai are visiting us daily. Being seen on leManoosh instantly puts you in the eyes of over 50.000 designers / month.

This push of visibility will help you raise the quality of the applicants as well as establishing your school internationally.

50.000 unique visitors/month > 650.000 unique visitors/ Year

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A reference in our field > Our words count

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