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The Opportunity

tangerine is an award-winning London-based design consultancy, specialising in the design of mobility, products, services and build environments, for global brands on every continent.  

Job Description

As a Designer/Senior Designer at tangerine we expect you to: 

  • Be creative with an eye for shape and colour 
  • Understand different materials and production methods 
  • Have technical, practical and scientific knowledge and ability 
  • Be interested in the way people choose and use products and services 

The work carried out by a designer at tangerine will vary and it can be very busy juggling different projects as part of a multi-disciplinary team. It will include: 

  • working on ideas as part of a team  
  • sketching initial design ideas; 
  • developing design concepts using CAD (computer-aided design); 
  • taking part in specialist or multidisciplinary team meetings;  
  • identifying the suitability and availability of materials; 
  • producing detailed, final hand drawings and specifications or, more likely, using dedicated computer software (CAD) to produce design specifications, including parts lists and costings; 
  • making samples or working models by hand or using computerised prototyping equipment; 
  • testing the design concept by computerised modelling or physical hands-on testing of models; 
  • researching materials, processes or market requirements; 
  • explore and present ways to draw together aesthetic, emotional and digital needs. 
  • research and mapping experiences and aligning this with behavioural and lifestyle trends.  
  • tracking consumer trends and develop customer insights. 
  • occasionally travelling to clients\\\\\\\' production facilities and evaluating the feasibility of production; 
  • making presentations to senior design management or clients, either when bidding for a contract or to present design proposals. 

How to apply

All candidates must be able to work in the United Kingdom and be prepared to travel for business.   

Please accompany your submission with a current CV and portfolio.

Salary and benefits: competitive 

Email: [email protected]. Subject: Designer/Senior Designer, leManoosh


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