A 6 weeks program to be professionally coached
& trained.

+ Super Bonuses!

If you are facing such design challenges...

Boost your skills, knowledge, and process to excel in the field.

Create impressive projects to enhance your portfolio and showcase your expertise.

Learn from experienced mentors who provide valuable guidance and insights.

Gain hands-on experience by working on real professional briefs to sharpen your skills.

Be part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are committed to pushing their work to new heights and supporting each other's growth.

Become a creative powerhouse and get professionally coached with our 6-week themed training sessions led by the most inspiring teachers in the industry.

6 Weeks to Team Up with Inspiring Mentors & Leaders of the Field

Imagine a 6-week design journey working with real experts from the industry. Our program, starting on 25th September, is led by 5 industry pros who'll become your mentors and guides. Join forces and work directly with them on real life briefs. Together, develop a new project for your portfolio, gain insights and hands-on skills that will set you apart in this competitive industry.

Immerse Yourself in Interactive Live Classes & Replays

Enjoy live interactive classes every Monday and Thursday (See the classes & schedule below). We've meticulously planned the course schedules to accommodate different time zones, ensuring that everyone can engage with the topics that matter most to them. This way, you won't miss out on any vital content.

Blender, Keyshot, Sketching, Creativity...
Unlock Solutions in our daily Classes!

Never feel stuck again! Ask, seek, and unlock solutions in our daily classes from Monday to Friday. Choose the ones that matter to you, or join them all. Our course schedules cater to time zones worldwide, and with unlimited access to recordings, you won't miss a thing!

Wait, we're not done yet...

There's more...

Buckle Up, We're also Bringing in a True Industry Leader!

Hold onto your seat because the excitement is not over yet! We're bringing in our special guest, a true industry leader: James Melia from Blond Design - The award-winning design agency that has soared to the #1 position in Europe and the Americas - to share their invaluable expertise and inspire you to thrive like never before.

Limited seats available - Registrations are only open this week. After this, we will focus on the students and close access to joining the Academy completely. ⏳🔒

Daily feedback & Lifetime Access to All Recorded Classes, so You Never Miss a Beat

Get lifetime access to an organized archive of all classes, so you never miss a beat! Follow at your own pace and revisit lessons whenever it's convenient for you. It's the ultimate flexibility for your learning journey!

Draw Motivation from a Dynamic Community

With our innovative platform, you're now part of a dynamic team with other passionate students from around the world. Immerse yourself in a rich learning experience as you follow our esteemed teachers, be inspired and draw motivation from the incredible work and achievements of your peers.

You said "themed"?

We don't teach theory; we all go hands-on on a professional project.

At the Academy, we don't just teach theory; we dive into real-world projects. Starting with a real-life brief with real constraints. This will help you not only gain knowledge but also build a new project for your portfolio with the guidance of amazing mentors and all the courses to elevate the overall quality of your portfolio.

BRIEF: Design the upcoming gen of power tools. A new project to energize your portfolio!

If our goal is to turbocharge your portfolio, it's going to happen with a game-changing project! We're talking serious pro stuff here. Using actual CAD parts, infusing brand design language, and incorporating all the technical nuances that make a concept look pro. You'll collaborate with our mentors to craft a next-gen power tool, an innovation inspired by Black & Decker that screams realism and expertise.

Boost your Portfolio and Build Your Personal Brands

Not only will all the best work be featured on the leManoosh wall to help you start building your brand awareness, but in addition, we are creating a new project for your portfolio. This means that if your current portfolio hasn't received much response when you share it with companies, in 6 weeks from now, you can have a brand new professional project to add to it and unlock new opportunities.

Enhance Your Professional Profile and Take Your Career to New Heights

Increase your experience and enhance your professional profile with the leManoosh certificate. Showcase your skills, achievements and this experience in your portfolio and cv!​

A 6 weeks
program to be professionally trained & coached

Become a creative powerhouse and get professionally coached by the most inspiring teachers in the industry.




+ Super Bonuses!

Personalized Instruction for Smaller Groups or One-on-One Learning On Demand!

In addition to the comprehensive platform and engaging group live sessions, you can also access private classes tailored for 1 to 3 people (Extra fees). Get personalized attention, customized guidance, and unparalleled support to propel your learning journey to new heights!



Because many among us want to make a change in their career or support their team reach new standards, we've got some exciting news. We’ll help the movers and shakers out there by offering a limited-time offer packed with game-changing bonuses to help you achieve your goals - This only happens for the first launch of the Academy

#BONUS 1: Pick one extra free course from the leManoosh courses list

First 10 Students Only!

The 10 first students to join will get an extra free course (The one of your choice), from the leManoosh courses list (see the website). You can pick the one you want, so that’s a little package of knowledge for the price of 1! My pleasure 🙂

#BONUS 2: Free extra crash course: "2 weeks to double your skills!"

All members during the first 24 hours!

All new members to register during the first 24 hours will receive access to “2 Weeks to Double your Skills”, the short and practical leManoosh creativity course which I opened last year (value: $70).

#BONUS 3: One-hour call with of the 5 teachers, including James Melia to review your portfolio

10 Members selected among the group!

Among the group of students, we’ll invite 10 people for a 1-hour Skype or Zoom call (each) with one of the 5 teachers to review your portfolio. The best work of the cohort will also be selected, and the winner will receive the same 1-hour call with James Melia to review their portfolio. This will point out the main areas to focus on and put you on the right track to launch your path.

#BONUS 4: Lifetime access to all recordings

They say nothing is forever, but in this case, it is! You have access to the program from now on and for life. Every session is recorded and available in a very clear and organized library, accessible 24/7 at your convenience. This is also ideal if you missed a class!

24/7 Assistance by the teachers and the leManoosh team

If there is a struggle, there is a solution. As we all are on different timezones, we can provide unparalleled support both technically and skillwise. At leManoosh, we’re all designers, so with the teacher’s help and ours, you’re in good hands 24/7. 🙂

100% satisfaction guaranteed
or get your money back

30-Day money-back guarantee: If within the 30 days, you are not satisfied in every way, just email us, and we’ll refund you immediately, no questions asked!
Our objective is for people to genuinely progress and enjoy their work more. If you are not happy with the Academy, then we don’t deserve your money. Like every designer at leManoosh, we all struggled with skills and money in the past, which is why we are happy when we see how the students improve their work. That’s what we want for you too.

50% OFF !
Special launch offer discount

A massive discount for all the action takers and those who are investing in themselves and their careers. This discount is available ONLY FOR THIS FIRST LAUNCH > THIS WEEK !!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

a 6-week design journey working with real experts from the industry. Our program, starting on 25th September, is led by 5 industry pros who’ll become your mentors and guides. We set a real life brief (Power tool design for ‘leManoosh Electronics’,). Each member works on his own concept, and the teachers bring the know-how to help you level up your work and tackle those project challenges. 

We provide interactive live classes every Monday and Thursday.

You can catch up on (Design & Creativity, Blender for Industrial design, Keyshot and Industrial Design sketching) whenever it suits you as you progress through making your own design., and you’ll have lifetime access to all those classes / replays too. 


You’ll be part of a private community where you can connect with fellow peers, engage in exciting challenges, and even get the chance to learn from a heavyweight in the industry (James Melia from Blond Design! Only!). 

Connect with mentors, engage in a vibrant community, create the next level project for your portfolio and gain a professional leManoosh Certification that sets you apart. Limited seats available, so let’s kick off your design journey all together and make it awesome! 🎓🚀🤝

The academy is distinct from the online courses and masterclasses typically featured on leManoosh.

For instance, courses such as “Essentials Of Keyshot,” “Keyshot Material Mastery,” “Essentials of Blender,” “Blender Parametric Mastery,” “Grasshopper Structural Mastery,” and more fall into a different category.

The ACADEMY offers a completely separate program in which students engage in a professional project for a duration of six weeks. During this time, they gain access to live classes and have the option to view class replays. This access allows students to ask questions, receive training, and receive guidance. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance their skills and enable students to create impressive new concepts for their portfolios.

That makes total sense. Keep in mind that you have access to all the course recordings, and we’ve designed the courses to be highly practical. So, if you focus on crafting your concept first, you can always revisit the rendering classes through the replays and apply the knowledge. You can then ask questions on the platform at anytime during the 6-week duration of the Academy.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Alex is based in Taiwan, and we’ve planned a few review sessions along the way specifically for participants in India, Korea, China, Japan, and all the countries in the Far East. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the course and make a real difference in their work, no matter where you’re located.

All students get in-depth mentorship in the Design & Creativity course, hosted by Mads Svanegaard (Designersvane). ✏️

Pick an elective, and receive expert training to elevate the design skill you’re passionate about (or you’d like to improve). 💪

Keyshot Mastery, hosted by Alex D’Souza
Blender for Industrial Design, hosted by Derek Elliott

Industrial Design sketching, hosted by Sushant Vohra

It’s up to you. 

Everyone who enrolls gets access to the Design & Creativity course, led by Designersvane. The other electives are for you to pick: Blender, Keyshot or Industrial Design Sketching.
You can also enroll for ALL the electives and receive an extra free masterclass from the leManoosh online courses list.

Once you’re part of the team, you’ll get exclusive access to the leManoosh Academy platform (your login arrives after you enrolled, and we organize a group intro session with everyone, the teachers and the leManoosh team). Now, imagine it as a user-friendly social hub. Grab your brief files, attend to 2 live interactive classes every Monday and Thursday across various time zones, and catch replays neatly organized by course. Share your progress, sketches, and queries, and get direct input from teachers. We’re keeping the group tight-knit, so hurry and secure your spot! 🚀

The seats are limited as we want the courses to be very personal so that everyone who joins have time to ask their questions and get the attention they need. It will be a small cohort so the enrollment will close as soon as we have the correct amount of motivated designers.

First, this is our first live program.

Unlike our self-paced courses, which delve into specific topics, this program offers a well-rounded experience. 

We provide you with a brief, guide you in developing your concept, and mentor you in mastering key software to boost your end results (design, visuals, presentation, etc…). The outcome is an impressive professional project added to your portfolio, enhancing its quality and creating new job opportunities.

This is also a group-based program. We tailor the content to address your needs and provide direct support for 6 weeks. You’ll also have access to a comprehensive library of recorded sessions and replays too, so you can catch up if you miss anything.

Seats are limited, so don’t wait. You’re protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk. It’s a great chance to improve your portfolio and job prospects. So let’s roll up our sleeves and turn your dreams into reality.

Prepare to immerse yourself in our unique community forum, where all the magic unfolds: virtual meet-ups, engaging interactions among fellow students and instructors, assignments, and much more. As an extra treat, we’re even working on bringing in other renowned talents for inspiring talks, almost like a conference, so you can kick back with a refreshing beverage while soaking in their insights.

And here’s the best part: Every session will be recorded, giving you a lifetime pass to revisit the valuable content whenever you need it!

Absolutely! If you opt for the 4 electives Academy program, you have the flexibility to enroll in any free additional leManoosh Masterclass. If you don’t see your preferred masterclass in the dropdown menu, simply select any available course, and after joining, email us at [email protected]. We’ll arrange it in your library so that you can access the Masterclass you want to focus on.

For this cohort, once registration closes or we reach maximum capacity, there won’t be any exceptions! Just like baguettes, once they’re gone, they’re gone. If you miss out, you’ll need to wait for the next cohort, and unfortunately, we don’t have a date for that just yet.

On the bright side, you could still join today and access all the materials at your own pace later on (lifetime access to all quality recorded replays).

We’ve meticulously planned the course schedules to accommodate different time zones, ensuring that everyone can engage with the topics that matter most to them. While it’s possible that certain sessions might fall during your evening, rest assured, we’ve designed the program with multiple sessions each week. This way, you won’t miss out on any vital content.

And here’s the great part: If a session doesn’t align with your schedule, there’s no need to worry. We’re recording all the sessions, granting you lifelong access to it. So, whether you’re in a different time zone or have a busy schedule, you can still fully benefit from the program.


The teachers check in on the Academy’s community daily. They will interact and comment on your work.

But that’s not all.  The class format is designed so you can post all your questions in the community. Common questions will be handled in the next class, and we will resolve your small questions immediately.
You influence the class content. The more interesting your questions, the more interesting the content.

It’s essential that you post your ‘work in progress’ in the community. It allows us to check in on your progress and give you feedback. We have a small team to help you along the way (Your teacher, Alex, Björn). Also, don’t forget the value of the other students. Design is teamwork.

If we see patterns and common mistakes, we will resolve them in the next class.

Pick Your Option:




6 Weeks Academy focused on 1 Elective

Choose 1 type of class
(e.g., all Keyshot sessions,
all Blender sessions, etc…).


£150 / €178

Payments are safe and secure via Stripe and PayPal

6 Weeks Academy focused on 2 Electives

Choose 2 types of classes
(e.g., all Keyshot sessions
AND all Blender sessions, etc…).


£218 / €250

Payments are safe and secure via Stripe and PayPal

6 Weeks Academy focused All Electives

+ 1 FREE leManoosh Masterclass

Access the 4 types of classes from all Teachers.


£290 / €338

Payments are safe and secure via Stripe and PayPal

Payments are safe and secured via Stripe & PayPal

Lifetime access to all replays

30-Day money-back guarantee (No questions asked)

Assistance & support 24/7