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If your organization could face some of these issues:

As for these designers and companies, being a member of leManoosh could help you strengthen your business.

“It’s been crazy since you posted my work on leManoosh, I’m feeling grateful for that”
Danny Ivan – 3D Imagery maker – Porto, Portugal.

“Hi leManoosh team, We have recently had a surge in traffic and sales to our website, after doing a bit of digging we found that it was down to being featured on your website – so thank you!” 
James Gordon – Ormous – London, UK

“I’ve raised over 90k of projects this year since my work has been showed many times on leManoosh”
Freelance Industrial Designer – Warwick, UK.

“We received hundreds of applications from talented designers all over the world. Very happy with the response and quality of applicants”
James Melia – BLOND – London, UK

Why can we help?

leManoosh is a reference for quality content, that is why talented companies, studios and designers from California to London to Shanghai are visiting us daily. Being seen on leManoosh instantly puts you in the eyes of over 50.000 Industrial Designers / month.

1.400.000 sessions / year
650.000 unique users / year
120.000 sessions / month
50.000 unique users / month

What are the benefits?

The membership helps build a stronger business by connecting with the community, increase visibility to grow your business, level up your team skills & connect with specialists to push your projects to the next level.

1. Join the Directory & Grow Your Visibility

When you join,  we will add your company to the leManoosh directory. Putting you in the eyes of the ID community (1.6M visits per year). This visibility will help you grow your business and develop your brand internationally. You can add images of your work, videos, website link, contact details or social network. Your profile is of course also showed on our Wall, the highest visibility point of the website.

  • Your own profile on the Directory
  • Visibility on the leManoosh main wall
  • Your profile connected to your images along the wall (If existing)
  • Your own tag page (If existing)

2. Access ALL our courses to develop your team’s skills

Training is an important part of the life of a company. It allows our teams to grow in expertise and always deliver higher quality work. On leManoosh, we help companies to consolidate their team’s knowledge, by giving them unlimited access to ALL our courses. From rendering to sketching, or modelling, these courses are tailored to Industrial Design, and focus on the specific development that our team needs.

  • CAD (Alias, Rhino, Blender…)
  • Renderings (Keyshot, 3Ds Max
  • Sketching
  • Creativity and design process

Download the course list here.

3. Be featured on the leManoosh Spotlight!

Experiences are like gold and we’re giving you the chance to inspire, motivate and change peoples lives by sharing your experiences. Whether it’s winning an award, working on a certain project that made you feel inspired, or just wanting to help out the next generation. Let’s get you on the Spotlight so that the community hears about you and your work!
  •  When you win an award (IF, Red dot, IDEA, etc…)
  • If your product is published on the wall
  • Your last project on the wall

4. Hire new team members with unlimited access to the job board

leManoosh is a high quality content blog, followed by top brands around the world. That’s why world-class talent are here. When the times come to grow your team or hire new interns, we let you have full access to the job board with unlimited job posts and unlimited internships posts :


  • Job board access: Unlimited Internship posts
  • Job board access: Unlimited job posts

5. Access the leManoosh pool of trusted experts

When you’ll need to go the extra mile by offering broader project scopes to your client, you can access our pool of niche experts to complement any missing skills in your project. Engineering, CMF, or simply designers, our leManoosh experts are picked with the highest standards of quality and world-class expertise. As a partner, we will also forward you project offers and try to bring new projects to your team.


  • Industrial Design support
  • Qualified Mechanical engineer
  • CMF and trend analyst
  • Material suppliers (textile, leather, plastic, anodized, injection moulding, etc…)
  • Manufacture network

6. Prototyping and high-quality mock-ups with our Taipei office

We now have 2 offices in London and Taipei (Taiwan). Our Taiwanese office manages our work in Asia with reliable, high-quality vendors and suppliers. We manage all engineering for prototyping and high quality realistic mock-ups of your projects. From matte finish to transparent tinted PC, our suppliers will supply the most impressive quality available on the market, and as we handle it from there, everything is smooth and easy.

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£499 / €590

  • ACCESS TO ALL COURSES (Works for your whole team. Includes the upcoming courses: Keyshot Material Mastery, and Grasshopper parametric.