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  • Connect with your target audience effectively to deliver your message.
  • Drive quality traffic to your event or contest.
  • Attain instant worldwide visibility.
  • Establish your event as a go-to reference, creating a must-attend experience.
  • Attract and receive submissions from talented individuals.
  • Enhance website SEO, as Google ranks websites higher when linked to popular platforms.

55,000 unique users per month
120,000 sessions per month
660,000 unique users per year
1,440,000 sessions per year

For a decade, leManoosh has stood as the leading website in the Industrial Design industry, earning recognition as the central reference and a daily destination for design professionals at every career stage, from junior to senior.

Renowned for offering quality content, our platform serves as the precise conduit for industry communication, instantly putting your message in the eyes of professionals across all industrialized countries, from California to Munich, to London, to Seoul or Shanghai.

Today, leManoosh helps ensure your events, products, and design contests make the right impact and effectively deliver your message to the right audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We can implement the banner or block ads very quickly. However, we need to agree on timing to avoid overlap with other advertising and ensure high visibility. Once we finalize the schedule, the ads can be up and running within a few hours.

Certainly, we utilize UTM parameters to track all activities, views, and click-throughs of your campaign. At the end of the campaign, we will provide you with a detailed analysis that includes information on views, click-through rates, and demographics related to your campaign.

Yes, that’s correct. When you reserve a banner placement, it’s dedicated to you for a set duration, usually per week. Throughout this period, the banner is exclusively yours, maintaining full visibility and activity regardless of click count.

We will provide you by email with the specific dimensions and pixel requirements, which you can then send to us via email. Once received, we’ll handle the implementation process. Upon the campaign going live, we’ll notify you via email to confirm the start. Finally, at the end of the agreed duration, we’ll send you a comprehensive report detailing the campaign’s performance.

Yes, at the end of the agreed duration, we’ll provide you with a detailed report containing various metrics, including click-through rates, visibility, demographics, visibility by countries, and daily activities associated with the campaign.

Testimonials from Our Users

“We received a wave of applicants at the moment we posted a job on leManoosh. Very impressed with the quality and the quantity of ID talent we’ve received”
Javier Riel Rosales – DESIGN2GATHER – Shanghai, China

“Really impressed with the quality of applications we received.” 
Ben Schwarz – MANTA SLEEP – Taipei, Taiwan

“Hi leManoosh Team, We have recently had a surge in traffic and sales to our website, after doing a bit of digging we found that it was down to being featured on your website – so thank you!” James Gordon – Ormous – London, UK

“We have done postings before on LinkedIn and Coroflot. What we like about leManoosh is the quality of applicants. I think it was the most successful post we have done.” 
Chris Harsacky – HUGE DESIGN – San Francisco, USA

“Amazing calibre of applications so far! Truly the best batch of applications I have ever seen.
James Melia – BLOND – London, UK


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