Online course CLO software

The Essentials of CLO
for Designers

Bring your fashions and soft apparels,
into 3D and to reality.
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From designing to creating patterns, preparing files for suppliers, or expanding your collection to include all sizes and genders, you need an all-in-one software for designing soft products.

You want to design, calculate material use, and facilitate production thanks to an efficient tool.

The Essentials of CLO
for Designers

Bring your fashions and soft apparels, into 3D and to reality.

Designed with a progressive approach, this course is suitable for beginners to intermediates who are eager to go from the fundamental tools to creating anything in Clo 3D.

Online course CLO software

Step 1, Master the UI, tools & techniques

At first, I'll help you to make the most of this software by helping you master the interface and navigate with ease through all its features. Every 3D software appears intimidating at first. I'll give you enough understanding of the UI, tools and techniques so that you feel under control and know where to find what you need (even when I'm not here...).

Online course CLO software

Bring your design to life and visualize every update and option in real time.

Whether you're creating a basic T-shirt or a complex bag with multiple compartments, I'll guide you in transforming your sketches into detailed CAD designs. Through hands-on exercises, we will learn to refine your designs, just like if you were adjusting a textile on a real-life body. With real-time visualizations, we'll make instant modifications and explore various material, color, or detail options. We'll then generate precise visuals, 360-degree views, and animations for your presentations, clients, or upcoming tech pack, which will serve as a reference for production.

Stitching, seam taping, zippers and even graphics! You may need them all, so we go through them all

Another useful point is that whether you design shoes for Nike with complex and modern assembly processes or create outfits, coats, trousers, or leather bags, each product involves different techniques and details. We will explore the application of various details such as zippers, buttons, stitches, ropes, webbing, buckles, seam taping, and other modern techniques that you may need for your work, including graphics and patterns.

Expanding your design to a range based on different people, populations, sizes, and genders.

You can, of course, create a one-off version of your jacket, trousers, sports bag, or advanced winter coat. But you can also populate your own full collection by setting up your scene, and fully expanding it to a range based on different people, populations, sizes, and genders. The dream comes true, and to say that it is a HUGE time saver is an understatement!

Online course CLO software
Online course CLO software
Online course CLO software

From a simple t-shirt to the most advanced winter coat, CLO is your partner for prototyping efficiency and production.

We will then progress to creating precise files for exchanging with suppliers. You will learn how to digitally examine the patterns provided by your supplier and virtually sew them. Additionally, you will gain the skills to generate and adapt your own 2D patterns, ensuring they align perfectly with your unique designs.

Moreover, we will also develop the ability to assess 2D plans for optimal graphic placement and make clear estimations of fabric consumption. All these processes and methodologies will enhance communication with your suppliers and significantly reduce production time during the crucial prototyping phase.

And guess what? CLO also identifies and resolves technical issues. Not only is it useful for us, but it's also eco-conscious as it minimizes the need for physical prototypes and reduces the time spent visiting suppliers or shipping samples across the globe. Very good! 🙂

Online course CLO software
Online course CLO software

Yes, I want to design and make exciting apparels by mastering CLO 3D, and facilitate the whole development process.



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100% satisfaction guaranteed
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30-Day money-back guarantee: If within the 30 days after you receive the course, you are not satisfied in every way, just email me, and I’ll refund you immediately, no questions asked!

Our objective is that people actually progress and enjoy their work more. If you are not happy with the course, then we don’t deserve your money. Like every designer at leManoosh, we all struggled a lot with this in the past, which is why we are happy when we see how the students improve their work. That’s what we want for you too.

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Your Teacher? Meet Angela, a Soft Lover Power Woman!

Hi everyone! I'm a Swiss fashion designer currently based in Salzburg, Austria. With over 10 years of experience as an apparel designer, I specialize in the sportswear and athleisure industry with a focus on trends, functionality, and production. I've spent my entire career in design agencies, developing soft products for top global brands and bringing them to reality. CLO3D is my tool, and I'll show you the best way to use it and bring your designs from sketches to the shelves. Schön!​

Frequently Asked Questions

100%. When you’re ready, you can export it in different files, and your manufacturing team can get to work.
But that’s not all! You can even import DXF patterns from previous styles or basic patterns from your supplier and design and adapt them before exporting them again. If you’re experienced in pattern making, you can define the pattern even further with seam allowance and grading.
Other examples, like checking the size for graphics and calculating fabric consumption, can be handy in communication with your suppliers.
I’m here to guide you through these different options and ensure your design comes out exactly the way you want it. Just sit back and let me show you how it’s done.

About 16 hours spread across various chapters. This course is exceptionally comprehensive, and anyone who completes it will be able to achieve everything I described on this page. More importantly, you’ll gain the skills to unleash your own designs and take full control of the software. So, get ready to elevate your abilities to the next level!

The course is suitable for anyone, whether you are a student or well into your design career.
For beginners, this course starts from scratch and progressively moves from simple to complex products and more advanced techniques, such as my workflow that enables you to stay organized, efficient, and logical in the way you build.
For those who are already more experienced, it’s the same scenario. Imagine if you were to transfer all your knowledge to me; I would still learn a lot. So, in this case, if I share all my knowledge about the software and everything it encompasses—pattern marking, production tips, organization, etc.—there are plenty of things that could complement what you already know.
The entire course is available online, on the private section of the leManoosh website. You will receive the password and login approximately 5 seconds after going through the checkout.
All modules, videos, and downloadable resources can be found there, accessible anywhere, anytime!
The course also works seamlessly on tablets and phones.
You have the option to leave a comment under each video, so feel free to ask your questions here; don’t be shy, as your question might be the same as another student’s.
I will reply to your comment, and hopefully, that will help you overcome any problems you’re facing.
If you enroll in the course during the offer period, you will also receive lifetime access. This means that I will provide you with feedback if you get stuck along the way. 

You will need a computer with internet to have access to the videos, and you will also need CLO 3D (ideally the 7.2 of after)  installed on your computer.

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Payments are safe and secured via Stripe & PayPal

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