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The Essentials Of Rhino 3D For Industrial Designers

Don't let poor CAD skills define the outcome of your ideas.

You are a creative mind, but your 3D models don’t reflect the potential of your ideas.

In reality, creating quality CAD files simply requires using the correct tools, a workflow adapted to product design... and a few tips ; )

The Essentials Of Rhino 3D For Industrial Designers

Don’t let poor CAD skills define the quality of your ideas.

The everyday details of the industry make a product stand out.

Organic modelling with SubD, the

latest Rhino 7 feature.

Workflows, free mind & the ability to finish your work on time

Manufacturing, 3D Printing & Improved Renderings

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Yes, I want to learn the essentials of Rhino 3D & take my CAD skills to the next level!

Your Teacher

Hello, my name is Paul!
I’m a product designer too. Over the last 12 years, I’ve been designing consumer electronics and car interiors in Germany and England.

Like everyone, I’ve wasted hours using workflows which were not specific to industrial design, I’ve stressed when the deadlines were coming and got lost through messy (and overweight) files. That’s the hard way I learned, but also the way which allows me today to have developed a world-class expertise in Rhino 3D.

So whether it’s for production or just to explore your ideas, I will show you a practical way to use Rhino 3D which is specific for product design. So you too can become a more efficient, cleaner and more reliable designer when it comes to developing and refining your ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a complete Rhino 3D course that will show you exactly how to develop the skills and processes to become proficient in making 3D models for your projects.

The core course contains about 30 step by step videos of applicable lessons that took me years to learn (and will take you only a couple of weeks…).

The course is suitable for anyone, whether you are a student or far in your design career.

If you’re a beginner, this course will cover The basics, from the interface, tools, creating simple and complex geometry but also more advanced, techniques such as making intricate details, modelling to a specific scale and producing Rhino files with real world applications

If you’re already more experienced, it’s the same. Imagine if you would transfer all your knowledge to me, I would still learn a lot. So here is the same, if I give you all my knowledge, there are also plenty of things which will complete what you know. 

The entirety of the course is online , on the private section of the leManoosh website. You will find all modules and videos there, accessible anywhere, anytime! All you need is an internet connection 🙂 It also works on tablets and phones.

You have the possibility to leave a comment under each video, so feel free to ask here, don’t be shy maybe your question is the same as another student. I will reply to your comment and hopefully that will help you to go over the problem you were facing.

You will need a computer with internet to have access to the videos and you will also need Rhino6 installed on your computer. No extra plugins are required, every tool used are native in Rhino6. 

You can download a free version of Rhino  (3 months free with all tools). I’ll show you how to do this in the course.

The course is made on Rhino 6 for Mac, however if you have Rhino 6 for Windows this is not an issue, as the tools and way of working are the same, some options are just displayed in different places but I generally indicate where to find it on the Windows version too.





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  • FULL COURSE: “The Essentials Of Rhino 3D For Industrial Designers”
  • Lifetime Access