The Essentials Of SolidWorks For Designers

Build Stable Files and Say Hello to Efficiency


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You’re tired of wrestling with collapsing feature trees every time you need to make changes. 🤯

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The Essentials Of SolidWorks For Designers

Build Stable Files and Say Hello to Efficiency

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Progressively learn from the fundamental tools to effectively approach any project.

Mastering Stable Feature Trees: Healthy parametric workflows that allow all updates with ease.

Lose stiffness: Build smooth, industrial design fundamentals in geometry and workflow.

Yes, I want to create well-constructed parametric files that allow all updates with ease, and smoothly handle any project using SolidWorks!


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30-Day money-back guarantee: If within the 30 days after you receive the course, you are not satisfied in every way, just email me, and I’ll refund you immediately, no questions asked!

Our objective is that people actually progress and enjoy their work more. If you are not happy with the course, then we don’t deserve your money. Like every designer at leManoosh, we all struggled a lot with this in the past, which is why we are happy when we see how the students improve their work. That’s what we want for you too.

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Hi, I'm Alvaro,
a teacher at Pratt and Parsons for the last 12 years.

Hi, I’m Alvaro, an American-born Industrial Designer. I spent 12 years teaching at Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design after working with top consultancies in New York. 

In this course, my goal is to give you the essential skills for success in our industry. We’ll cover precise sketching, efficient workflows, and collaborative techniques, all crucial for creating products ready for manufacturing. Unlike many YouTube videos that focus on engineers, this series is tailored for designers, featuring relevant products and challenges we work on daily. I’ll share practical insights, tips, and techniques to help you create products ready for manufacturing and build a strong foundation for your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course runs for about 9 hours with 60 videos. It’s comprehensive, detailed, and carefully crafted to ensure that anyone who completes it can achieve the promised results: transitioning from novice to proficient.

You can select videos based on your learning needs or go at your own pace, as they are broken down by subject or tool. It includes real-life product design exercises to ensure it covers all essential tools and features used daily by designers at their desks.

Prepare to enhance your design capabilities and feel confident collaborating with your design team and engineers

You can start the online course whenever you want because it’s made up of recorded videos. The course is very comprehensive and well-explained and easy to understand allowing you to go through the videos at your own speed.

You have lifetime access, so you can watch everything in a few days or take your time over a few months.

The course is structured with around 60 videos, each focusing on specific features, tools, or actions. So you can also easily watch the parts you need, rather than following the entire course if you prefer, and focus on what you need instead.

The course consists of clear pre-recorded videos (8 hours);
there are NO live Zoom calls or required meetings with the teacher

You can join and follow the course at your convenience, based on your own schedule and needs.

Alvaro, the teacher, is always available to answer questions under each video and we can even arrange Zoom calls if needed. The point is, you won’t be left alone; you’re in good hands to ensure you learn smoothly what we promise to deliver.

Additionally, note that this “ESSENTIALS OF SOLIDWORKS” is available to join now, but there’s also another “SOLIDWORKS ADVANCED SURFACING” Masterclass coming in July. You can purchase both courses today by selecting the 2-course bundle and choosing “SolidWorks Advanced Surfacing” as the second course during checkout.

The course is comprehensive, beginning from the basics, making it ideal for those who have never used SolidWorks or haven’t even downloaded it yet. It progresses from simple to complex scenes.

However, it also delves into more advanced solutions, covering topics such as Alvaro’s workflow, best practices for model setup, habits, and constraints. There’s a strong emphasis on building solid scenes, maintaining model flexibility for easier editing later on, and avoiding clutter and rebuild errors. Additionally, the course teaches techniques for progressing through complex feature trees without collapsing.

For those who have watched many tutorials online, this course offers a complete summary of all options, tools, and techniques in a consistent and efficient manner.

Of course! SolidWorks is such a comprehensive software that it would have been too complex to cover everything in just one course and remain clear.

So, we’ll be launching an Advanced version focusing on surface modeling and blending, curvature transitions, etc…. The new course will include advanced surfacing exercises and tutorials, emphasizing surfaces with manufacturability in mind.

It will launch in July 2024 (very soon).

You can still purchase it today by selecting the bundle with two courses. You’ll automatically receive the SolidWorks Essentials course today, and then gain access to the SolidWorks Surface Mastery when it opens in July.

Simply choose the 2 courses Bundle, then select “SolidWorks Surface Mastery” during checkout.

The entire course is online, accessible via the private section of the leManoosh website. You’ll find all modules, videos, and downloadable resources there, accessible anytime, anywhere. You’ll get instant access with a login sent to your email immediately after purchase. Plus, it works seamlessly on tablets and phones.

You have the possibility to leave a comment under each video, so feel free to ask here, don’t be shy maybe your question is the same as another student. I will reply to your comment and hopefully that will help you to go over the problem you were facing. If you take the course within the offer time, you also get lifetime access, meaning that I will bring you feedback if you get stuck along the way, maybe even have a call together or check your file if that is necessary.

If you are not 100% satisfied, then we would not feel comfortable to make you pay for it. What interests us at leManoosh is that people make real progress and that you feel proud of your work, as we are. If it doesn’t, then we dont deserve your moneyThat’s why we offer the 30-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked). So within the next 30 days, if you are not happy with it, you can just email us, and we’ll refund 100% of the payment. That’s all! 

No problem, many people ask for this, so we’re used to the process.

At first, you receive an automatic receipt after processing the payment, but we can also send you a VAT invoice on top of it if your accounting team needs it.

Just contact us at [email protected] with your company information, and we’ll provide you with the necessary invoice for your accounting department.

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Payments are safe and secured via Stripe & PayPal

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