Blender online course leManoosh

The Essentials Of Blender For Designers

Start easy, progress creatively.

You heard about Blender, but you don’t want to start by learning how to model a donut.

You need a course focused on Industrial Design, so that you can quickly learn what will be useful tomorrow at your desk.

Blender online course leManoosh

The Essentials Of Blender For Designers

Start easy, progress creatively.

Progressively learn from basic forms to complex products.

Blender online course leManoosh

Modelling process, topology & the ability to finish your work on time.

Blender online course leManoosh

Rendering, textures
& my top photography
tips and tricks.

Blender online course leManoosh

Yes, I want to learn Blender to develop and present my ideas with efficiency !

Blender online course leManoosh

Hi, I'm Odi!

I am a Digital Sculptor at Koenigsegg in Sweden. As strange as it sounds, 3D is my most creative asset! I am using many processes to achieve different results, test new forms, push my designs, manage manufacturing, and most importantly: time schedule!

Learning those different tools was a long journey which I started when I was young, digging the best resources I could find and sharpening my skills via trials & errors! It was long, and I still have a long road to mastery. But today, I share  my 10 years of experience using Blender to develop your skills and take this creative freedom path!

What are Students and Designers Saying About the Course?

We really put our hearts into creating courses, making sure they're of the highest quality. Our main goal when we make a course is simple: "Anyone who takes the course should master the skill by the end". Your progress means a lot to us, and every message or project we receive from those who've completed the course truly brightens our day.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a complete Blender course that will show you exactly how to develop the skills and processes to become proficient in making models and quick renderings for your projects.

The core course contains 10 hours of step-by-step videos of applicable lessons, specific to product design, that took me years to learn (and will take you only a couple of weeks…).

The course is very complete and starts from the very basics (ideal if you have never used Blender or not even downloaded it yet).

However, the course is also focused on more advanced solutions, such as setting up the software for maximum efficiency, optimize your workflow, or simply just following all the tips I acquired over the last 10 years.

If you have watched many tutorials online, this course is complete and summarizes all options, tools, techniques in a consistent and efficient way of using Blender.

In a nutshell, I put inside this course, all that the software can deliver for ID… in a clear, complete and organized way, so anyone can get the most out of the software quickly.

The entirety of the course is online , on the private section of the leManoosh website. You will find all modules and videos there, accessible anywhere, anytime! All you need is an internet connection 🙂 It also works on tablets and phones.

You have the possibility to leave a comment under each video and I reply to everyone, so feel free to ask! If you can’t resolve the issue, you can send me your file, and I’ll have a look at it and figure out what the issue is. You’re in good hands. 🙂

You will need a computer with internet to have access to the videos of the course.

Then we will need to download Blender (any version after 2.9) and install it on your computer – I give you the explanations of how to download it easily (and free) in the videos, so don’t worry about this. No extra plugins are required, every tool used are native in Blender. 

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Payments are safe and secured via Stripe & PayPal

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