Become A Creative Sketcher

& Sell Your Ideas

Develop a world-class creative process based on quality sketches and form factors that can turn your good ideas into desirable objects.

Many young designers give up on becoming high-creatives because they can’t see progress in their skills, despite the efforts 

In reality, entering the design studio that they love relies on how well they can communicate and push their ideas.

Become A Creative Sketcher

& Sell Your Ideas

Develop a world-class creative process based on quality sketches and form factors that can turn your good ideas into desirable objects.

Module 1 / Fix your sketching skills & develop a style that motivates you to create.

Motivation comes from the inside. So when you do flat sketches of your desk lamp, it often leads to losing motivation. To free your creativity, the most important thing is not only to sketch simple things properly, but also that you feel motivated by what you create. It is worthwhile to develop a style that makes you proud, creative and genuinely proactive.

Module 2 / Understand form factors so you can create concepts that generate a "wow" effect.

Now that you like your sketches and you are motivated by them, we need to give you the aptitude to create desirable objects. What you see on leManoosh follows simple codes, logics and form treatments which are standards in our industry. They took me years to assimilate, but we’ll go through them one by one, so that your good ideas can create a “wow” effect.

Module 3 / Develop a world-class creative process that can open the doors to any design studio or company.

Now that you love your sketches and you understand how to create stylish concepts to emphasize the quality of your ideas, we’ll complement these with a strong creative process that allows you to fill entire pages, or even walls of ideas, with creative sketches, details and explorations.

Yes, I want to develop a creative process based on quality sketches and turn my ideas into desirable objects.

Hi, I'm Alex

I’m the guy behind leManoosh. When I landed my first job in Taiwan in 2006, I was almost fired after a few months. I had no clue how to design a real product… even though I thought I wasn’t too bad at school! This experience was a mind opener. I had to learn, analyse, test, understand and apply fast. I kept my job.

Over the last 15 years, I have developed my own methodology and became one of the top creative minds and problem solvers in most of the studios I worked for. Working in Europe, USA and Asia, I’ve designed products that I love, won many awards and reached the studios I was dreaming about. Now it’s time for me to show you how you too can enjoy your work and live a happy life following your creative passions.

What if you need feedback?

You can always ask questions in the comments under the videos inside the course, but if you want to maximize your progress, you can also join my Pro Group, called "PRIVATE SKILL BOOSTER FEEDBACK GROUP". Inside, I personally do video reviews of your sketches and designs. I re-sketch it in front of you, point out the mistakes, and show you how you can resolve them. This is 10 times more efficient than your design school, as it is like having a private course with a Senior Industrial Designer. How much would you achieve if I was with you every day? You need to select the "Elite" package to get this exclusive invite.

Do you want to see Before / After?

These are the improvements from the students of this course after the course.

"For the first time in my lifetime, sketching becomes a way to help to boost ideas and refine my design, I feel so lucky to have found this course!"

Louise – Junior Designer – Shanghai, China

"This course was a godsend in helping me improve my work."

Francesco Santos – Junior Industrial Designer – Portugal

"I just wanted to let you know that since I started learning sketching, this is my first time actually enjoying and exploring design by sketching. This feeling is the most important thing for me. Merci beaucoup!"

Herin Haramoto Designer / Researcher – Tokyo, Japan

"This course is so easy to learn but there’s so much you can get from it."

"I was not an Industrial Designer when I first started this course, I was just doing random sketches. After a few months of working and collaboration with Alex, I started to actually design stuff."

Milos – Freelance Designer – Serbia

"Bloody brilliant!!"

Anton – Sutherland Labs – London, UK

"Why at University there is no one like Alex who explains what really matters?...You are AMAZING!!!"

BILOK SHANKAR – Junior Designer – Ahmedabad, INDIA

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a sketching… AND a design course. A complete course which will show you exactly, step by step, how to develop the skills and processes to become a creative and convincing designer.

The core course contains about 20-25 videos (6 hours) of applicable lessons that took me 15 years to learn (and which should take you only a couple of weeks…).

You also have lifetime access to the platform, so you can learn at your own rhythm.

The course is suitable for wherever you are in your designing career.

If you’re a beginner, you will learn all my simplified methods and will bring you directly to the master level of sketching and designing stuff you can be proud of. It’s like learning all the techniques from a senior designer who has 15 years of experience. I bet you can learn a few tips! 🙂

If you’re already more experienced, imagine if you would transfer all your knowledge to me, I would still learn a lot. So here is the same. If I give you all my knowledge, there are also plenty of things which will complete what you know. 

The entirety of the course is online, on the private section of the leManoosh website. You will find all modules and video there, accessible anywhere, anytime! All you need is an internet connection 🙂 And since we are in 2021, it also works on your phone and tablets.

The course is $199, which includes all the videos, direct access and lifetime access. 

If you are a student you will have access to a special discount, £43 / €49 / $59.
Note that you will need to prove that you are a student with a student card, LinkedIn profile, or letter from your school. Just email this to [email protected] after you enroll. Relax, you have 2 weeks to do so.

If you want to be part of the VIP students and get the personalized video feedback, YOU CAN. Just select the “Course + Personal video feedback” offer which includes access to the “Skill Booster Feedback Group”. There we can work together, and I’ll personally correct, give feedback, and help you fix your sketches to maximize your progress.

I’ll vanish. Just kidding 😊
If within the 30 days after you receive the product, you are not satisfied in every way, just send me an email and I’ll refund you immediately, no questions asked!

As I explain a bit everywhere, it is a lot more than a sketching class. If you want to try it out to see if it fits you and if it is to the level you expect, you have the 30-day money back guarantee. So I’d refund 100% of the payment if you don’t like it. My objective is that people actually progress and enjoy their work more. If you are not happy with the course, then I don’t deserve your money. I struggled a lot with this in the past which is why I’m happy when I see how the students improve their work. That’s what I want for you too.

Pick your option (direct access):

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£43 / €49 / $59

  • COMPLETE COURSE: “Become a Creative Sketcher & Sell Your Ideas”
  • Lifetime Access

As much as we love you, you will need to send us a proof of your studentship after validating the payment (LinkedIn Profile, student card…). You have 2 weeks to do so, so take your time. Another $59 will be requested if no proof of studentship is provided in this time frame.



£145 / €165 / $199

  • COMPLETE COURSE: “Become a Creative Sketcher & Sell Your Ideas”
  • Lifetime Access

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£88 / €99 / $120 / Month

  • COMPLETE COURSE: “Become a Creative Sketcher & Sell Your Ideas”
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