Vectary: The most innovative rendering software for Industrial designers.

We're announcing our new partnership with Vectary, a rendering software that could well be a revolution for our industry. For those familiar with Vectary, you already understand the game-changing innovation it brings to the table. And for those who are new to it, get ready Manooshies!

First of all, it is essential to point out that you can prepare your designs in your preferred CAD software, and then just import it into Vectary to make it interactive and shareable. Besides the ease of use and image quality, 2 things are literally mind-blowing for us (I am writing this from my personal analysis...).

Your rendering scene inside your Miro board!

First, it integrates seamlessly with MIRO! Yes, you heard me right! You can have the rendering window directly inside MIRO, allowing everyone to rotate around the CAD (in MIRO!), add comments and basically brainstorm with your team at the same time, on yoru same Miro board. Mindblowing for us at leManoosh Prod, how are using Miro daily.

A simple weblink is now enough to share your rendering scene with clients and colleagues.

What's more? My second point:
They managed to simplify the sharing process. Gone are the days of static images – you can now send your rendering scenes to clients or colleagues via a simple weblink. Yup. Simple weblink in your email for example, then whoever clicks on it, can see your scene and rotate around the product. This dynamic approach enables your stakeholders to interact with the product in 3D, gaining a comprehensive understanding like never before.

See how this project can be viewed online using only a shared link. Ex:

Give it a try and see how your clients or colleagues can effortlessly rotate around your CAD design on their own, simply by clicking on a provided weblink:

I am genuinely enthusiastic about this partnership because I believe Vectary's unique features will significantly enhance our workflow. Whether you're sharing 3D designs within your team, presenting to clients, or showcasing your products on your website, Vectary is really an innovative solution for us. Welcome to a new era of creativity and collaboration, now in a rendering software!