Develop Your Layout = The way to Improve Your Design

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The quickest way to improve your design is to draw multiple views of your product.

Why so simple?
Because by drawing multiple views, you are forced to draw all the elements, components, areas, part lines, buttons, etc… that compose this product.

Each new view forces you to draw new elements, which become new opportunities to improve your designs on all the areas that you could not see on the first view, instead of avoiding it…

It’s a simple training of your brain to force you to look at your whole product rather than only the areas that you already had in mind when you started sketching this idea.

It helps you to resolve more details, and this is one of the ways I use all the time to be creative and design better products. Leading to better designs, more awards, a better portfolio, a better job, etc….

The rest, you already know if you follow / have subscribed to the channel:
Construct, Shadow, Shading and then Color. This is when I give a dynamic look to the sketch.


Also, don’t forget one thing:
By developing your sketches and making them good, well done and appealing. It helps you to love what you do and as you become happier / more proud of what them, you enjoy it and do it more with fewer efforts and with more smile = Motivation.

This is why it is SO important to do things well, even the little things.

The markers I use in this video:
Cool Grey sets: C2 / C3 / C7 + Blue Marker: B02 + Orange highlighter

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Here are a few tips that might help you. In these videos, I help you by showing you some of the techniques that made me grow as a designer over my last 10 years of experience.


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