3D Visualization Designer at PEDRO GOMES DESIGN

The Opportunity

Employment Type: Freelance

Note: Please only consider applying if you have experience in working for the consumer products industry.

We’re looking for a super talented freelance specialized in 3D Visualization and Animation who can join us on a super exciting 2 /3 month project here in Aveiro, Portugal.

You are passionate about CGI, and your portfolio demonstrates your skills and experience in creating engaging photorealistic products/consumer goods 3D imagery and animation.

You have a strong aesthetic sensibility, a razor-sharp eye, and great sense of details.
You master all CGI principles:  lighting and shading, texturing, compositing…  Storyboarding being a plus.

Ideally, you will work in our studio all along the project. In case it’s not feasible, you will have to spend at least 2 weeks here at the beginning, for briefing, alignment, and kick-off. (All expenses are covered).

You are fluent in English.

We are situated in the center of Aveiro, a cool city along the coast of Portugal,10 minutes from the Ocean. If you like surfing, you’ll know what to do during your weekends.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,
The PGD team.


Aveiro, Portugal

Email subject: "leManoosh - 3D Visualization Designer"

To: applications@pedrogomesdesign.com