Running Apparel Designer at DECATHLON, KALENJI

The Opportunity

Whatever the time, place or conditions, just keep your head high, breathe and stride out! Running is a great way to feel better in body and mind, to push yourself, to unwind and to explore. Regardless of our individual abilities and levels, here at Kalenii, Decathlon’s running brand, we’ve used this motivation as the basis for our "Inspire to run for the happiness of all" purpose.
26.219 miles.... that’s the big one, the climax, a real challenge for the millennium... A stopwatch, tarmac, white lines, an orange trail... Welcome to the world of running and athleticism.
We are hiring a stylist. A stylist who is passionate. Passionate about running, with an intuitive understanding about speed, performance, timing, and tuned in to new technologies.
Your responsibilities
To create — the men’s, women’s and junior running and athletics textile ranges.
To share - your vision, your creative ideas, your skills and your talents with fellow running team members, with other Decathlon designers and with our customers...
To explore - the world of running and athletics, to discover, discuss, participate, to design concepts for innovative kits that are even better placed to meet customers‘ running needs.
In other words, you’ll be designing instant hits: the right products that are straightforward to use, ingenious and ultra-intuitive! Products for runners. You will need to devise and establish the style identity to be conveyed by Decathlon‘s running textiles.
Your profile
Creative!! One idea = one design (ideas that never get past the ideas stage are of no use)
You have a sharp eye for lines, and minute details...
You believe that a product should convey a clear message at first glance, without the need for instructions.
You have a good understanding of the world of textiles and its processes
You are also able to amaze....
Personal qualities
Passionate about running / drawn to the running world / keen to learn about it.
You have an incredible amount of energy.
You have great team spirit and good listening skills
You are extremely receptive to messages from runners, our testers and our customers
Lastly, you are responsible.
You assume your responsibilities.
You are able to switch off...
You are also organised...
A marathon ? ...|ets go for it ill
It goes without saying that you are able to talk about your creations in English...
All you want to do is to share your passion for sport with the rest of the world.
If this is you, Apply now!


Lille, France

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