Become a 3D Printing Person at exciting new digital manufacturing company at 3D People

The Opportunity

3D People is a digital design and manufacture company specialising in 3D Printing. We work with a broad range of clients in the creative sector, every job is different. So far we have worked with the BBC, Unilever, Virgin, Rapha + many more.


We are a tiny company but we punch above our weight and we’re growing fast. We are looking for an ambitious person to join us.


We need a well rounded individual who is interested in 3D printing technology as well as taking on a broad range of projects including Graphics/Marketing, CAD Design, and Client relations.



Basic 3D CAD experience (Either Fusion 360, Z-brush, Rhino, Solidworks, Maya..)

Experience in Adobe Creative Suite. We mostly use illustrator and photoshop.

Can communicate effectively with clients and the team, set project deadlines and manage expectations.

Keen eye for Detail



Be the Admiral to a fleet of 3D Printers

Organise Orders & Completion

Communicating with clients to deliver projects.



Chief of Social Media

Graphics and Marketing Development

Product Photography / Videography

Samples and In-house design

Off-site technician Placements (Bonus pay)

CAD design



Our starting salary for the 3 month probation period is £1200 a month. Upon successful completion an annual salary of £18,000+ is available. As we are a fast growing business in a expanding industry you will be given plenty of opportunities for pay increase.



Please send your portfolio, CV and cover letter.

We really value portfolios showing any type of creative work you have worked on.



London, UK

Email subject: "leManoosh - Become a 3D Printing Person at exciting new digital manufacturing company"

To: [email protected]

How to become

a creative sketcher and sell your ideas.

Tired of unattractive sketches and your ideas are not selected?

- If you don’t know how to use your markers,

- If you don’t know how to draw nice shapes and beautiful details

- If you don’t feel creative 


Hi, this is Alex and here is an exercise and few tips that might help you.

I’ll do my best to collect and transmit the techniques that made me grow

as a designer over my last 10 years of experience.