CAD Body shell surface modeler Automotive at Sechtor

The Opportunity

SECHTOR.COM is the unique revolutionary automotive platform built in 2017 based on a long background of prototyping experience qualified core team over the last 11 years. 

Using CDSA as technique to industrialization of automotive parts puts us on a highest place in this industry , due to the most competitive way of releasing casing to the market. Additionally the CAD engineering is viewed from different perspective by having step by step approach, and closing the gaps with physical iterations. Class-A surface is overused due to high demand on the current market. The designs embraced by SECHTOR are requesting the different tangent changes, and blends.

Often you will met in our blueprints, the direction and angle changing, including curvatures changes to straight /sharp lines.

Above the styling, the functional engineering components such as : Electronic PCB fastening points, optical light members-lenses, mirrors, diffraction filters., may become a real challenge in development process.

While being trained In our team and learning to provide the highest grade of quality and details, you will be able to get paid for your work, and get fully Sechtor financed budget for your diploma/graduation  science of design project. 

Below you can find a few of the benefits and highlights of working with us

- access to our training and meet-ups sessions

- get paid while learning for finished designs

- fully mentored , financed and tools support for your diploma/graduation in any university of transportation design

- access to our  ongoing automotive projects depending  on your targeted skillsets

-  the opportunity to actively get involved in building finite product , and see your designs into the driving cars

- young and inspiring team 

Submit now your contact data as student affiliate and you get into selection process , we 'll do the best to have you in .



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