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The Opportunity

The Cisco Webex ID (Industrial Design) team is seeking a talented and passionate CMF Designer based in Shanghai to help drive CMF development and implementation on our innovative products.

You will be involved in every aspect of the CMF design & development process. This includes trend research, analysis and translation, mood and story creation, material innovation, development of CMF strategy, and execution of final color, materials, and finishes for production.

Cisco´s mission is to power an inclusive future for all. In the collaboration unit, we research, design, and develop new technologies and hardware to make collaboration across time and space better and more inclusive. This includes making people’s interaction with computing simpler, faster and more seamless.

What you will do:

As a CMF Designer, you need to work with cross-functional teams and suppliers with responsibility for communication and creative exploration of various methods to achieve CMF design intent. You will be able to set up proper specs and manage transformation to production. Your insights, creative input, and development efforts will help guide the unique style and distinctive look of our brand, contribute to how each product should make us feel and tell an authentic and coherent story across our portfolio.

As a CMF Designer, you will:

  • Participate in design trend analysis and market research to understand the wants, needs and opportunities for innovation in a project.
  • Interface with industry to research and develop proprietary and innovative hardware styles, construction details, material combinations, new production techniques, etc.
  • Help create CMF strategy for presentation to team members, partners and manufacturers.
  • Assist in the resolution of design, prototyping and manufacturing issues during all development phases
  • Create fully resolved solutions to communicate and resolve manufacturing and prototyping challenges .
  • Manage and maintain CMF product specifications for products in development from concept to production.
  • Contribute to development of CMF design vision and strategies to production readiness
  • Be the face of CMF for the Design Group
  • Be the point of contact with cross-functional team during various CMF design development phases
  • Collaborate with ID in US and Europe teams to understand CMF design intent, collaborate on developing CMF specifications and master samples, and then transferring these to engineering teams and suppliers.
  • Collaborate with the local engineering team and suppliers during CMF development and deliver CMF samples to US & Europe ID teams for review.
  • Collaborate with the core team and suppliers to verify new CMF design.
  • Collect samples with comparison data for multiple CMF design options against cosmetic, cost, reliability, schedule and other critical attributes.
  • Generate and manage measurable CMF specifications for multiple materials and processes; review and approve CMF execution with the highest standards and set up production specs.
  • Provide CMF execution guideline to ODM teams, review and approve their work in collaboration with US & Europe ID teams.
  • Collaborate and strategize with cross functional teams, including design, supply chain and manufacturing, to implement production of final CMF designs.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with suppliers and vendors. Includes identifying new resources for materials to ensure innovative designs.
  • Independently source and maintain a comprehensive internal library of inspirational, advanced, and relevant materials and finishes and replicate across our 3 main design studios.
  • Manage design intent through color tuning and material mastering all commodities.

Who you are

You bring extensive knowledge of industry trends, forecasting, color and material development, management, and have the technical knowledge to translate a creative vision into production-ready materials and processes. You have a record of shipping successful products in the consumer electronics and/or wearable technology and are comfortable working collaboratively with cross-discipline teams and manufacturing partners.

Success as a CMF Designer at Cisco requires a demonstrated ability to create compelling and innovative solutions that push boundaries, while collaborating with global suppliers and cross-functional teams to ensure successful implementation into production. You hold superior standards for quality and attention to detail, have a keen eye for sophisticated design, build strong relationships with other team members, and are comfortable operating in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment. To succeed in this role, you need to be a team player. You communicate clearly and effectively, engage people around you and promote an open-minded environment for creative exploration and designs to become real. You are self-propelled and not afraid to take lead responsibility. You keep your eye on the goal, aim high and can be pragmatic when needed.

In addition, do you have:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design, Textile Design, Color and Material Design, or the equivalent in professional experience with evidence of exceptional ability.
  • 6+ years of working as a CMF designer/engineer, preferably within the consumer electronics OEM space with at least two years
  • Must have demonstrable technical knowledge of mass production, manufacturing processes, and materials.
  • Expert knowledge of plastic injection molding, metal fabrication techniques, resin development, coating technologies, plastics decoration processes, fabrics and textiles.  Familiar with multiple materials (plastic, textile, leather, metal, rubber, glass...) and related processes.
  • Hands-on experience working directly with local engineers and suppliers in executing CMF to roadmap products including, fabric wrapping, printing, laser etching, anodizing/PVD/IMD…) on wearable, handhold, desktop and other customer electronic products.
  • Be able to lead color match review and approval, including data management on different materials.
  • Familiar with texture specs, process and related gloss control based on CMF design intent.
  • Assist engineering team and supplier to qualify CMF execution and set up right bar for production.
  • Strong sense of beauty, user experience and attention on details during CMF development and execution.
  • Demonstrate high color acuity and ability to pass the Munsell Hue Color Test with a perfect score.
  • Excellent at creating and maintaining cross-functional working relationships.
  • Exceptional visual, communication, and presentation skills.
  • Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Office.
  • Proficient in Keyshot, 3D studio max or other 3D visualization software.
  • Must be self-motivated, adaptable, flexible, and able to manage multiple parallel-path projects.
  • Demonstrate an ability to deliver successful designs under tight timing constraints and provide examples of such scenarios throughout career.
  • Portfolio of relevant work sample showing CMF applied to a variety of product categories.
  • Able to conduct necessary feasibility studies in China, develop various levels of CMF prototypes as needed, especially new sustainable materials, applications and technologies to support the larger sustainability goals of the ID organization.
  • Proficiency in verbal and written English/ Mandarin.

Desired Experience

  • Strong project and program management skills within a fast-paced, cross-functional environment.
  • Great communication skills and proven ability to lead a team to success
  • Experience with circular economy and sustainable material technologies, sourcing and processes.
  • Experience with design for manufacturability.
  • Experience in mentoring other designers on CMF.
  • Knowledge of diverse material technology and manufacturing processes.
  • Ability to work independently as well as within a mixed team environment.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills; leading complex discussions in CMF development and execution.
  • Comfortable in ambiguous situations, is able to root cause and provide CMF solution on site at factory.
  • Comprehensive thinking during CMF development and implementation for both part level and device level.

** All candidates MUST submit a portfolio/personal website to be considered for this position. **

Why Cisco?

At Cisco Webex Devices you will get a real opportunity to grow as a designer. You can broaden your design perspective by working with partners and designers across a wide range of industries from some of the world’s largest companies. We provide internal and external training events and attend conferences. You can take on new challenges over time and choose to pursue a career path either as a domain expert or as a design leader.

We believe that happy people can make anything happen. That's probably why we were ranked #1 World´s Best Workplace in both 2019 and 2020. We have a culture of recognition and believe that flexibility in the workplace is the key to a good work-life balance. At Cisco, you will have a unique opportunity to work from home – using the technology you develop.

In addition to a competitive salary, insurance, and other benefits, we offer:

  • generous holiday time and meeting-free days – to make sure you're well rested
  • five (paid) days for volunteer work – to make the world a better place
  • a day off on your birthday – because you deserve it


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