CMF Designer at Native Design

The Opportunity

Job Title: CMF Designer
Location: London

About Native
We’re in the business of making. We invent category defining user experiences, products and services for the world’s most interesting brands.  We are a reserved, highly selective studio built on a singular commitment to excellence. We are independent and march to the beat of our own drum.

At the heart of our work is the need to challenge the expected, confront accepted wisdom and push the boundaries of the possible. We are interaction designers, visual designers, materials scientists, digital engineers, biochemists, artists, designers, electronics experts, experience builders, taste-makers, iconoclasts, craftsmen (and women). Together, we make the stuff of tomorrow.

As a CMF Designer at Native you will be responsible, under the direction of a Senior CMF Designer or Director, for leading the creation, development, refinement, and documentation of innovative and compelling CMF design solutions that are in line with the design objectives and goals of Native, while understanding and achieving the needs of the client on each specific project.

Strategic thinking and creativity will be critical to innovating compelling solutions through design. Passion for our both our clients and for consumers who want great user experiences is highly important.

What we’re looking for:
Knowledge and Skills
• Action-oriented and goal-driven
• Ability to work alone
• Co-operative and sharing with colleagues
• Proactive approach and embraces change
• Strong communication skills

Key Responsibilities:
Main responsibilities will include:
• Always ensure that deadlines and requested deliverables are met to the highest level of quality, both for internal reviews and external presentations
• Work result-oriented, always ensure the highest level of execution is delivered to the client and that work in progress can be shared at any time of the project
• Pro-actively push the level of quality in both thinking and execution, constantly come up with new ideas and ways of solving problems, even if project briefs are similar
• Consider the bigger picture and understand the overall context and requirements of each individual project
• Ensure that your and your teams work is always properly documented, stored and archived

In addition to project related responsibilities, you will occasionally be asked to undertake tasks which assist with the general day to day running of the Studio.

• Taking part in the CMF development of projects, from concept to execution and implementation, providing direction to client and suppliers, whilst collaborating with the ID team to establish and achieve the overall design intent.
• Developing a thorough understanding of the technical constraints of each project and successfully applying new technologies/solutions to innovate within these constraints.
• Support the CMF team in handling day-to-day contact with suppliers and clients, and work closely to understand their business needs, and the requirements for each specific project, helping to define strategy and content as required.
• Translate client requests and business requirements into specification and tangible results, while balancing the needs of the end-user.
• Take a strategic approach to tactical requests, to allow for future product variations and building of brand equity.
• Plan, create and articulate CMF presentations.
• Support the development of trend based research and foresight.
• Develop and manage the maintenance of Natives knowledge base with regards to colour, material, finishes and processes, including:
o Further develop and implement best-practice templates, tools and processes for establishing, documenting and sharing CMF specification.
o Pro-actively maintaining and growing the materials library by establishing supplier relationships, acquiring and/or creating samples, cataloguing and organising.

If not directly engaged in project work, always seek tasks that add value to the company. These include:

• Maintenance and expansion of materials library and supplier contact base
• Keep up to date on emerging technologies and trends
• Maintaining the company presentation
• Maintaining and improving the file structure and organization on the server
• Researching new trends and developments relevant to other ongoing projects


London, UK

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