Colour, Trim and Graphic Designer at KISKA

The Opportunity

"We design graphics that enhance shape, materials that increase performance and colours that build emotional connections."

Helena, Lead Designer

Create the finishing touches that make concepts come to life. Explore the freedom and fast pace of immersing yourself in the entire design process. You'll take on a key role in the development of new graphics, materials and finishes for a range of products. From motorcycles and helmets, to e-bikes and skis, every project and every day is unique. You will:

  • Drive CTG design for interdisciplinary projects. From kick-off to launch. 
  • Present and evolve your concepts. 
  • Work closely with transportation and product designers to reinforce design with CTG concepts. 
  • Develop graphics and colour concepts for vehicles, hard goods and accessories. 
  • Research new materials and technologies. Benchmark and understand target markets. 

To enhance products, you need:

  • Relevant professional experience. Passionate interest for the latest colour and material trends. 
  • Skill to create graphic concepts and translate them into real surfaces. Independently and as a team player. 
  • Knowledge of product design manufacturing processes and technologies. 
  • English fluency. German is an asset.


Salzburg, Austria

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