Confirmed designer At LEROY MERLIN (Adeo group) at Adeo (LeroyMerlin)

The Opportunity

ADEO is the 3rd largest player in the global DIY sector and the leading French operator in the international market

The opportunity:

LEROY MERLIN power-tools team “DEXTER” is looking for a confirmed and talented designer.

“To renovate my house is now my favorite sport and I am convinced that we need smart and ergonomic global solutions as much as a trekking cyclist needs a comfortable and functional bike and its accessories to practice his passion sport and to progress” Olivier, senior designer.

You will be part of a new and ambitious development team, to co-create branded and functional products/projects inspired by user experience (the team is dedicated to powertools and started the project in 2016). Beyond expected solutions on the market, you will challenge the tools considering the whole usage.

to apply:
You know what a circular saw is, (you are maybe afraid with it). You can rethink the usage of “cutting a board in a right way”. You are comfortable to sketch and support your ideas.
1.    You feel comfortable with the universe of renovation at home. Enough to become the voice of users. To get functional inspiration for your projects and to influence the way you work as a designer.
2.    You are experienced in industrial products with ergonomic issues. Including sketching skills for complex shapes and industrial understanding. Eg: sporting products, footwear, tools, swatches, home appliance, multi-processes, graphic processes on products.
3.    You can respect the existing design language for DEXTER products. And you can challenge the style and its industrial efficiency.
4.    You can carry your projects with an analytical mind and user arguments, in a workable English and French.

We are located near Lille, in Terradeo, the “Campus international of l’habitat” (Ronchin)


Lille, France

Email subject: "leManoosh - Confirmed designer At LEROY MERLIN (Adeo group)"

To: [email protected]

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