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Digital Designer at VanBerlo

The Opportunity

We are expanding our team in Eindhoven and so are looking for:
A Digital Designer, over the moon for connected solutions
We’re looking for a super creative digital designer. Someone who eats, sleeps and breathes connected solutions. A person who wants to link products, services and brands to the latest digital capabilities. Of course, we expect that person to have the necessary experience and skills that come with thinking up cool things and giving them a viable shape. But we also want someone who can look beyond what’s possible now, someone who can enthuse and inspire their colleagues.

We’re looking for someone who wants to overhaul, together with our colleagues. Someone who invents digital solutions – or sets up our clients’ online channels – that are so tight that they contribute to the perception of each brand or product that rolls out of our studio.

Is this you?
You have your stubborn or cocky moments. In fact, we’re convinced that these traits contribute to your good work. We almost want you to get irritated when the thermostat app doesn’t function like it should, or lose a bit of sleep because all the pixels aren’t aligning properly. But we have faith that you’ll discuss your issues with any of your 90+ colleagues, that you’ll see the outcome of those discussions as extra motivation to refine your digital concepts.

In short: You’re a digital hero or heroine with a minimum of five years work experience. You want to digitally refresh or rejuvenate the lives of professionals, consumers and even yourself, and you’ve got endless ideas about how to accomplish that. Moreover, you’re quite a pleasant person to work with.

Checked your motivation and portfolio five-times already? Go on and send them to our HR officer Doortje van der Laan: [email protected] . You can also get in touch with Doortje if you have any burning questions regarding this position.


Eindhoven, Netherlands

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