Embedded Hardware Engineer at
Loop Earplugs

The Opportunity

In the grand scheme of things, Loop Earplugs is pretty young. But each day we’re getting bigger and bolder, and we’re consistently bringing new products to the market and working away on new development projects.

And with our ambitions to be the leader in enhanced hearing and to give people control over how they hear life, in style and confidence, we need new, exciting people to join our team – people like you.

You might wonder: ‘yeah but what’s in it for the engineers?’

Well, where shall we begin… We are working on different projects in our passive sound control products. 

You can think about acoustic foams, membranes, meshes, acoustic channels, Helmholtz absorbers, and so much more!

Next to that, we’re working on active sound control products. 

You can start dreaming about the possibilities we can create when we add electronics to our products. Maybe even active noise control? 

But that’s just the beginning. Imagine what we can do with personalized sound experience based on machine learning, health sensing or AI for sound control in everyday live. We could go on about it for a paragraph or two but you’re a creative engineer who thinks big, so you’ll figure it out yourself right? ;)

Testing, testing, one two

You’ve got plenty of experience as embedded hardware and/or software engineer, or electronics engineer. 

So, when asked, you can easily give some examples of electronic embedded system developments for consumer or electronic goods you worked on. 

Plus, that degree in electronical / electromechanical engineering, industrial engineering, or another relevant field certainly helps.

Due to your practical hands-on mentality, developing proof of concepts and breadboards is what gives you energy, together with thoroughly inspecting and testing our products before they’re launched.

You put them through the wringer at every stage of the product development process and identify any potential issues and recommend improvements – because you’re smart like that.

You’ve got a problem-solving mindset, a hands-on attitude to get things done, high quality standards, and even higher safety standards. 

And you share these standards with our product development and advanced engineering teams who you work closely with every day – plus Tom, our senior system engineer who leads the advanced engineering team.

Your excellence rings clear

We can count on you for the specifications, concept validation and technical follow-up of the electronic systems, both for hardware and software. 

For this, you’d be happy to take the ownership by supporting the hardware and software developments from proof of concept, to prototype, up to validated, market-ready electronic systems.

You vibe with our R&D

Our team loves how effectively you support them. Especially when you support and contribute to the R&D team on our future innovative products. 

You\'re a PCB design wizard, you\'ve got experience with battery management, and a solid knowledge of coding – you’re basically a bit of a know-it-all, but we like that.

You know that each project will vary in size – but that’s OK because you’re passionate about what you do. And with our constant support and flexibility, and a healthy R&D budget, you have everything you need to succeed.

Sounding good? Now before we shake hands, there are a couple of non-negotiable requirements that we have:

  • You’re confident, have strong presentation skills – both written and verbal – and you’re fluent in English. If you speak any other languages then that would be pretty cool too.
  • You’re located near and willing to work in our Antwerp office on a weekly basis. It’s where our product development and advanced engineering team is based. And since you\'ll be working with a physical product, we’d obviously need you to be there.
  • You have a degree in Engineering.
  • You have experience in consumer goods, preferably electronics products. 
  • You have a sound knowledge of PCB design.


Why join us? 

  • We’re Belgium’s fastest-growing technology company (according to Deloitte - awarded October 2022), and we want you to grow and improve alongside us.
  • Our culture? We’re all about enabling growth by giving our team full autonomy to manage their own projects, be a thought leader, and truly make an impact on the company. 
  • We take care of our people. So, we pay them what they’re worth. Expect a competitive pay in the top 20% of the market rate for your level of experience and potential.
  • Also: Senegal. The location of our last team building… just saying. Previous years spent in Iceland & Malta.
  • Flexibility: For us, hybrid and flexible working is all about trust. And we trust you to get on with your job, so there’ll be no micromanaging or peeking over your shoulder from us.
  • Benefits: Our benefits are all aimed towards looking after your health, and enabling you to live life to the fullest. So everything from health insurance and pension savings to lunch vouchers, cruising credits and the latest tools is covered.


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