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The Opportunity

Our background and your main purpose...

Ruroc exists to make helmets cool. We believe that re-engineering protection with the perfect balance of art and science will make people want to wear our helmets, making them safer and will mean they live longer (and cooler!). In 2019 we had our first £1m turnover day and in 2020 we had our first £1m turnover hour and we’re now in a fabulous position to build further growth.

In January 2020 the business completed a strategic review to build on this foundation, leading to a number of initiatives Ruroc believes will unlock future growth. Firstly, the business is now investing significant operational/systems upgrades to improve efficiency, leading to improvements in business processes and customer experience. Secondly, a clear product and target audience strategy that will help Ruroc create more amazing products, engaging content/stories that engage this audience and generate high lifetime value. Finally, a number of new roles across the business have been created to help expedite growth, this being one of them.

The leadership team believe this investment plan can unlock up to 100% growth in 2021 and then onto annual revenues of £50m within 3 years, making us one of the fastest-growing UK companies.

This role is for a Graphic designer, ready to immerse themselves within the Design & Development team and to drive our brand forward with innovative and fresh design thinking approaches. We are progressive product leaders, ambitious in our goals to advance the safety of our products, progress our industry and deliver class leading disruptive graphic design.

Today, we’ve generated an organisation structure that we believe will unlock success, however, we’re flexible and want to ensure we use your experience to put the right people in the right place within the tech team.

This role is for you if:


  • Solid understanding of print methods
  • A strong eye for colours, trends and innovative design
  • Packaging solutions and visual excellence
  • Organised and able to use your own initiative to develop and communicate ideas
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Enthusiastic about the success of the team, products and brand
  • Strong brand awareness
  • A self-starter who is able to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Able to talk through design briefs and decisions with a diverse range of people
  • Ability to appreciate, respond to and provide constructive critique
  • You are independent and self-directed but able to work within a team of Designers
  • A positive can-do attitude
  • A quick learner who can process lots of information and prioritise action
  • Are bullish about Ruroc and its potential


You have… 

  • 3+ years experience in a graphic design capacity, either in house or consultancy 
  • An impeccable design portfolio showcasing your Design work
  • Your finger on the pulse and be future focused.
  • Exceptional ideation, concept design and visualisation skills.
  • Exceptional presentation skill, both verbal and visual
  • Well versed in taking designs to print, interfacing with suppliers and ensuring quality of output throughout the process.
  • Excellent working knowledge of Adobe Suite, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustration
  • Support your team with concept creation, layout and production.
  • Develop progressive concepts that enhance our brand at every touchpoint
  • be able to interface with other departments; Industrial design, engineering, UX.

You might have…

  • Not settle for second best. You will be able to challenge the norm with creative solutions to problems.
  • Craft strategic design stories that translate into tangible concepts and ultimately class leading designs.
  • Have a thirst for learning. Challenging yourself and the wider team.
  • Make it your mission to understand where we play and to understand what makes our users tick.

Successful people at Ruroc… 


Stick to the playbook, don’t go rogue.


Stay ahead of the competition.


Be prepared and be flexible. Discipline equals Freedom.


Exploit opportunities. Be creative. Flank the enemy.


We focus on the 20% that makes the 80% happen.


Understand our target audience better, delight them.


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