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IDEO - Industrial Designer at IDEO

The Opportunity

Job description
Our ideal candidate thrives on blending many crafts to create holistic experiences. A passion for design and design thinking as well as the desire to work in a multi-discipline, team-oriented environment is required.

Qualified applicants will have completed undergraduate or graduate degrees in Industrial Design and have at least 3-5 years of professional experience in product design.

The individual needs to be able to exhibit true craftsmanship in one area, while reaching out to collaborate and integrate with all of the other disciplines, developing products that enable new experiences. Great product design is a mixture of human understanding and vision. New technologies, business opportunities, and cultural changes provide ever‐evolving opportunities to better meet human needs in new creative ways. The designer needs to understand the opportunities and create the vision for how to best embody this future state.

First and foremost… you’re a great human‐centered designer.

You’ve applied your skills to real‐world human problems (not just artistic or academic exercises).You combine great technical and aesthetic design with strong human centered values. Your designs are always grounded in insight(s) about people driven by your design vision, and you understand how your design reinforces the product’s brand and business context. Your work is best in a participatory, collaborative, team‐based work environment. You inspire teams through collaboration as well as direction, vision and planning of visual design deliverables. You have strong, verbal, written and visual presentation skills. You possess great drawing and 3D skills.

Candidates would be able to do the following:

Understand and Observe:
* understand the product development cycle
* demonstrate knowledge of and empathy for the manufacturing process
* the technical connection between visual and functional design elements
* possess a great general knowledge of design trends and the curiosity to challenge them
* hands‐on model making experience

* inspire, provide vision and direction through work and approach within the community of designers from many disciplines (design research, interaction design, engineering, communication, and business)

* express ideas clearly and build on the ideas of others
* articulate the value of brand and design to clients
* demonstrate excellent visualization skills
* express a unique point of view on design
* demonstrate an energetic, curious, and charismatic personality that infects others with passion for design

* translate user needs, technical realities, brand attributes and business needs into compelling products that embody a positive experience
* exercise 3D CAD skills

In addition, successful candidates also need to show potential for engaging in client relationships and client management issues.

In addition to submitting a cover letter and resume, all interested candidates are encouraged to create a profile on and participate in one or more of our open challenges.


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