Industrial Design Creative Director at Astro Studios

The Opportunity

Industrial Design Director

ASTRO Studios is a globally influential, multi-disciplinary design studio that strives to attract the best talent and design driven opportunities in order to improve the human experience.

As an Industrial Design Director you would help lead, direct and contribute to the overall the design process, business goals of ASTRO and have input on everything that is required to make a design program inspirational and successful.

Core attributes and responsibilities include:

• Represent ASTRO in all client facing activities in design & business as needed.

• Ability to lead & build strong, professional relationships with teams and clients.

• Holistically work with and often lead all design disciplines on a project.

• Originate & co-create a strategic, confident ASTRO Point of View for each project.

• Contribute to research & insights efforts, run meetings and workshops.

• Immerse constantly in current global trends, technology and culture.

• Demonstrate & inspire insightful, conceptual thinking at a strategic level.

• Project a professional image and self-confidence; exhibit enthusiasm for work.

• Drive the work forward, collaboratively, leading development teams.

• Inspire/mentor others as a team leader; push for world-class creative solutions.

• Pursue, delegate, oversee and execute solutions to achieve desired results in timely fashion

• Initiate and oversee management of outside contractors/vendors effectively.

• Anticipate, respond to and execute on client needs while owning & maintaining budgets.

• Deliver effective written and oral communication.

• Adapt well to multiple clients and maintain composure under pressure.

• Facilitate resolution of engineering, manufacturing & production problems.

• Deliver final design specs as required for prototypes, engineering, manufacturing, etc.

• Participate in group & company meetings and initiatives as needed.

• Take direction from & collaborate with partners & directors as needed and required

• Understand the business of design including budgets, profitability, change orders, etc.

• 7+ years of relevant, full-time design experience in the field of Industrial Design.

• An inspiring and relevant body of work in consumer goods, brands and markets.

• Fluent visual, 2D, 3D, etc., and verbal communication skills (ideating and talking design)

• Packaging design and out of box experience design is also a big plus.

If this is you, we're looking forward to hearing from you!!




San Francisco, CA, USA

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