Industrial Design Intern at Studiomem

The Opportunity


What is your superpower? 

We connect with high potential world-class thinkers, strategists, and designers. We hire highly motivated people with at least one specific superpower. Our working culture is creative, collaborative, and fast-paced; our office environment is open, modern and bright. Besides working hard and never stop learning and sharing knowledge, we also enjoy eating out together and having fun on team events.

studiomem currently seeks Industrial Design interns to support our team. This position is based in Munich, Germany. studiomem’s projects are often multi-touchpoint solutions that involve the design of customer experiences of products and services in both B2B and B2C contexts.
Most of studiomem’s clients are large or medium-sized European companies that operate internationally. 


  • Support of projects with a strong product design component 
  • Support in research, ideation and concept development 
  • Support in design, testing and building of prototypes of product and service experiences 


  • A minimum 5 terms/semesters of product design 
  • Fluent in English, German a plus 
  • Strong 2D and 3D software skills (Rhinoceros, Adobe CS) 
  • Strong visualisation and form development skills 
  • A passion for problem solving 
  • Curiosity and passion to challenge the status quo 
  • Motivation, passion and flexibility

We look forward to receiving your resume, cover letter and portfolio with samples of your work!

Note: Internships can only be offered to students who are currently enrolled.


Munich, Germany

Email subject: "leManoosh - Industrial Design Intern"

To: [email protected]

How to become

a creative sketcher and sell your ideas.

Tired of unattractive sketches and your ideas are not selected?

- If you don’t know how to use your markers,

- If you don’t know how to draw nice shapes and beautiful details

- If you don’t feel creative 


Hi, this is Alex and here is an exercise and few tips that might help you.

I’ll do my best to collect and transmit the techniques that made me grow

as a designer over my last 10 years of experience.