Industrial Design Intern at Sevenhugs

The Opportunity

Have you ever dreamed of controlling everything in your home with a single remote? Well now you can! Smart Remote is a revolutionary product that let you instantly control any device — TVs, media players, speakers, lights, thermostats and more via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared. Just point at what you want to control and Smart Remote screen automatically adapts — like magic.


You will be part of the design team to help define the experience of Smart Remote that will be used in thousands of living rooms across the world. Your ideas and designs will have a huge impact on the user experience.

Main responsibility

Create and produce fresh concepts and eye-candy visuals for website and communication assets (still & 2D/3D animations)


- You have a startup culture, are efficient and organized.

- You have a strong portfolio that demonstrates your skills in Product Design, 3D renderings and Packaging Design.

- You are passionate of Technology and Minimalism.

- You understand industrial design constraints and see the world with solutions instead of problems.

- You are full of ideas, dynamic and want to use design to change the world.

- Sketches and 3D are your second hands.

- You always want to challenge and push your projects and ideas further.

- Your creations can always be improved.

- You have good communication and persuasion skills.

- You prefer to ask for forgiveness than permission.


- Experience in creating 2D and 3D animations

- Experience in working with Cinema4D, AfterEffects and the Adobe Creative Suite

- Deep passion for creating photo-realistic images and an excellent attention to details

- Exceptional sketching, visualisation and 3D skills 

- Experience in putting together short videos and/or animation 


- Product Design, Packaging Design, Industrial Design, Graphism, Brand and Identity Design.


*One of the following is required, multiples are appreciated: *

- Rhino. Solidworks. Catia, Cinema 4D, 3Ds max.


- Adobe CC suite


Paris, France

Please mention leManoosh

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How to become

a creative sketcher and sell your ideas.

Tired of unattractive sketches and your ideas are not selected?

- If you don’t know how to use your markers,

- If you don’t know how to draw nice shapes and beautiful details

- If you don’t feel creative 


Hi, this is Alex and here is an exercise and few tips that might help you.

I’ll do my best to collect and transmit the techniques that made me grow

as a designer over my last 10 years of experience.