Industrial Design Product Developer - China at Zee.Dog

The Opportunity

Who Are we?

We are Zee.Dog (@zee_dog,, a multinational pet product company that has been revolutionizing the pet industry for the last 6 years.

The Headquarters are based in Rio de Janeiro, the Design Labs in Madrid, and the Product development office in Shenzhen (China).

We have stores, in NYC, Vegas and all over Brasil with our Flagship store, more than 50 franchises, and in almost every pet shop in Brasil. We also sell globally to more than 52 countries.

We are constantly bringing new innovative products to the global market.

Hiring Position: 

Product Developer. The candidate will be responsible of the last phase of product development to guarantee price, quality, and manufacturability of the designed products. 

What to expect of the job:

We develop a lot of products during the year (up to 30 or 40). These products range from dog toys to dog accessories, beds, bowls, and all sort of dog/cat-related products. We are constantly breaking the rules and bringing innovation to a very aged industry. We like to do things differently. Different materials, different mechanical solutions… The job requires a lot of communication with our partner factories and with our product design team based in Madrid. The candidate will be the natural extension of the product design team in Madrid. He/She will be required to have close control of all the products being developed and bring onto the table manufacturing and design solutions.

Basics Requirements: 

  • Chinese Fluent
  • English High Level
  • Industrial Design/ Industrial Engineering background 
  • Great interest in product development.
  • Great organizational skills
  • Experience as a Product Developer

Other Requirements:

  • Knowledge of technical lexicon,manufacturing terms and design terms in both Chinese and English.
  • Knowledge/experience in manufacturing processes of all sorts (injection molding, press molding, metal casting, textile trimming and cutting, material painting, etc)
  • Knowledge/experience in materials (plastics, plastic compositions, rubbers, textiles, metals…)
  • Knowledge/experience in molds and molding requirements
  • Knowledge/experience in manufacturing costs
  • Ready to break the rules, think out of the box and do things differently.


Shenzen, China

Email subject: "leManoosh - Industrial Design Product Developer - China"